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Jake and Charles go up against Charles’ controlling ex-wife Eleanor when Charles considers taking things to the next level with his sweet-natured girlfriend Genevieve – IE by having a baby with her, even though he’s sterile due to an on-the-job accident. It seems he froze a stockpile of sperm beforehand – but his fluids are the property of his wife thanks to a bad contract, and it turns out…

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It’s Christmas Eve at the 99, and Jake is stuck without a present for Amy. He recruits Gina – and then eventually Charles - to help him find a last-minute gift at a department store, only to find himself part of a robbery and hostage crisis. Living out his favorite film, Die Hard, in the flesh ends up leaving a lot to be desired when he and then Gina end up becoming the case and thus part of the crisis, leaving Charles to rescue them.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Brooklyn Swedes

Jake and Rosa compete for bragging rights with a pair of Swedish cops when they’re assigned to an international case after arresting a petty thief who turns out to have stolen a priceless royal Stockholm jewel. While trying to prove their closeness, their more competent Swedish counterparts trace the jewels back to the ring of thieves who originally swiped it, while Rosa and Jake manage to track down nothing but fresh fish.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine B99 Ava

Terry and Rosa head off on a business trip to Riker’s Island to interview a suspect, leaving Jake to look after Sharon, Terry’s very pregnant wife. Tasked with having to keep her apart from Holt (who she gets creeped out by due to his well-meaning bluntness), he enlists a birth-phobic Gina to assist, and the isolation seems to work in the temporary - but all of their plans go awry when Sharon goes into labor sooner than expected.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine B99 Mattress

Amy’s dealing with exhaustion after her night on Jake’s lumpy mattress watching House Hunters leaves her wakeful. She wants him to buy a new mattress but when he balks at the cost she blows up, and the argument continues to distract them both as they try to work a case involving a new street drug called Taxi.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine B99 Halloween

Holt and Jake continue their annual Halloween heist mission (“Halloween Heist 2: The Heistening”, as Jake dubs it). The object of desire is a briefcase filled with a cheap party crown, the competition is for theft-related bragging rights, and this time the title of “Amazing detective slash genius” is on the line.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine B99 Oolong

Jake asks Holt for help on a case, and it turns out his thick, complex serial killer file is connected to a long-simmering problem, a tea-related serial killer who’s long plagued the department. With Gina’s help the two men start staking out tea shops and following leads, their hunches just heating up when their bosses catch them trying to solve it.

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Amy and Jake’s will-they-or-won’t-they stalemate was broken by a hot-and-heavy kiss in the evidence locker after a mission where they played an engaged couple. Meanwhile, Holt’s effort to rid the department of Wuntch’s influence resulted in his being moved to the force’s PR department. Gina resigned with him, and they both departed just as the new captain arrived in the precinct’s elevator.

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