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It’s been 8 years since we were last got our on-screen taste of Mr. Fantastic, the Human Torch, the Invisible Woman and Thing. However this year will see another Marvel revival which finds the Fantastic Four franchise reboot itself into a “contemporary re-imagining”. Chronicle helmer Josh Trank directs the new version with has had Marvel fans up in arms for quite some time now. Although since the arrival of the newest trailer plus the other promotional campaigns currently doing the rounds this has helped quieten some of the more vocal critics of the reboot.

So what gives? We all know that the studio feel the need to pump out a decent quota of Marvel-related features from its rich universe every year but what with the new forthcoming Spiderman film already spinning out its second reboot in just a few years we have to wonder why on Earth do we need another Fantastic Four effort?

In Trank’s new vision it appears that much of the influence has come from the Ultimate Fantastic Four comic book series that was released during the 2000’s. It’s a modernised reworked origin story using a different source of how the team gained each of their powers as well as all team themselves being notably younger than their more traditional counterparts.

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Of course with a reboot of this significance there is obviously going to be a bit of change in the line-up. So whilst the characters remain a more youthful group of actors would be needed to fill the roles. First up is Miles Teller who recently put in a fine performance in drumming drama Whiplash. Teller will be taking the role of Reed Richards, AKA Mr. Fantastic). Sue Storm, better known as the Invisible Woman, will now be played by House of Cards star Kate Mara whilst her brother will interestingly enough be played by Chronicle star Michael B. Jordan.

Jordan takes over from Chris Evans (who is already well established in the Marvel universe now as Captain America) in the role of Johnny Storm, the Human Torch. The part was met with some controversy after the initial casting announcement. Jordan of course is a well established black actor which had confused some fans as to how his sibling relationship with Kate Mara was to work. But reportedly it seems that Sue is actually adopted. King Kong and Billy Elliot star Jamie Bell rounds off the team playing the role of Ben Grimm, The Thing.

So it’s another year and another step closer to more Marvel merchandise and spin-offs appearing left, right and centre. And just in time for summer we’ll have plenty of action figures, apparel and Fantastic Four games like what Microgaming slots can offer that will all be on the FF line-up.


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