Introducing Captain Marvel


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Superhuman strength, power and might! Coupled with unforeseen intellect, sharpness and intuition! A fearsome combination granting sheer invincibility! Meet Captain Marvel. The holder of these powers!

Captain Marvel, is a powerful superhero indeed with supreme abilities and there’s another catch. Shes a girl! A female superhero! The first one to carry a marvel superhero movie title. Not only does she have the hots, but can also outshine and overshadow most superheroes.

Superman hid behind his Clark Kent personality when not in superhero mode, and Captain Marvel is Carol Denvers, a former airforce pilot. Captain Marvel’s superpowers, which include super strength, endurance and durability, resemble DC’s omnipotent superman closer than anyone else and with such a vast armoury of powers, she is likely to put waste to the likes of Ironman, Thor and Captain America! Even hulk may falter before her because of her very superior intelligence and her physical prowess.

Carol Denvers’ powers ensue when she comes in contact with a Psyche-Magneton device explosion. This creates an energy bombardment with Denvers and Voila! Due to the perfect blend of human and Kree DNA, a new superhero is born with incredible strength and unforeseen intellect. All her supreme powers set her apart from not only female superheroes but also male counterparts.

Marvel’s savvy has lead them to focus some of their attention to female heroes to take advantage of the rising female comic fans and gamers. The rising influx of females in the gaming community especially in online bingo (find more of no deposit bingo) is a strong indicator of recently growing girl interest. Female superheroes aren’t as common but are nevertheless rising in popularity and examples such as Thor’s female incarnation and Captain Marvel are evidence of the upwards gradient.

From being solely supporting characters, the female superhero community is steadily growing and with Ms. Marvel’s leading role in 2012 beside Captain America, they are making strong headway into the superhero scenario. Marvel’s introduction of the girl superhero is set to lay a marker for the future with regards to leading roles being granted to females more often.

The increase in diversity is shedding the stereotype and is a very welcome progress. Captain marvel is set to splash the screen with her total bad-ass attitude and you can never have enough of THAT attitude can you?


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