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Sons Smoke

Sons of Anarchy, Season 7, Episode 6, “Smoke ’em If You Got ’em”

October 14, 2014, 10:00 pm (EST), FX

Race has always been a factor in one form or another throughout Sons of Anarchy. The alliances between SAMCRO, the Mayans, Triads, Niners and Grim Bastards has always been a thin one at best. Blood has been spilt all around, but each gang was able to maintain their boundaries and what they were dealing. It appears that if Jax has anything to say about it, he’ll have all the crews pointed at one target: August Marks.

Juice robbing the convenience store continued the path of him losing control. It was interesting to note that he asked for a pack of Saint Dismas cigarettes, as Dismas was portrayed as the “good thief” on the cross next to Jesus. He certainly injured the clerk, and while he could’ve harmed or killed the two other women who saw him, he just left. Even more surprising is that he apparently let Gemma go without so much as a scratch.

Gemma had yet another imaginary conversation with Tara, this time about how much Jax loved her, and that Gemma knew she wouldn’t be number one in Jax’s book. Only this time, she’s overheard by a waitress, played by Lea Michele. Little does her character, Gertie, know the true horror of what Gemma has done. She just thinks what she said sounded sweet. As Gemma would say “Oh honey…”

Jax’s discussion with the Grim Bastards about patching them into SAMCRO is a huge step not only for the MC, but for the show itself. Sutter has always played up the fact that Juice was part African-American, and while it seemed the club never cared, it became a focal point last season with Eli. This is about one of the few decent things that Jax has done or proposed in recent memory. Whether we’ll actually get to see this happen remains to be seen. Sutter could just be using this as a driving force for getting rid of Marks.

Continuing with the race relations, Jax’s discussion with Tully about using the Mayans’ heroin for the Aryan Brotherhood’s drug trade brought up an interesting topic. Tully talks up how the AB won’t accept drugs from non-whites. When Jax points out that the only color Tully cares about is green, Tully is quick to point out that he has to “keep up the brand” in order to maintain customers. Racism being used for consumerism, who would’ve thought? As a sign of good faith to seal the deal with the Brotherhood, SAMCRO, the Mayans and Grim Bastards mercilessly execute a crew that was working for Marks and Jax brings their bodies to show them. Jax ordering the execution of this crew is also another mark against him for being the monster he’s become. He almost seemed to take pleasure in watching them die, offering a final cigarette to one man. This bad boy reputation is only going to land him in someone’s crosshairs.

After unsuccessfully attempting to give away SAMCRO’s secrets, Juice is delivered into Jax’s hands by Alvarez, though not before losing his cut. Before this he was locked in a room with Nero, who was put there by Alvarez for taking SAMCRO’s side against the Triads, who are no more. Nero gets to talking with Juice, and the pieces are slowly starting to crumble for Juice. There are too many coincidences starting to pop-up, and too many people are asking questions about why Juice had Gemma’s car or why Juice would pull a gun on Gemma. Especially after Gemma breaks down to Nero once she discovers Jax has Juice, he’s definitely going to be wondering what Juice could possibly say to hurt Gemma. The real question now is who will turn first. The preview for next week seems to suggest Juice is giving up Gemma as he appears to get his cut back from Jax. Then again, Gemma has been backed into a corner before and come out ahead. I have to think that her mental state is not what it once was. Even she can’t take handle the weight of what she’s done anymore. Things are about to get very interesting for SAMCRO, especially Jax.

The Roundup

  • While her scene with Gemma was nice, Lea Michele’s presence was an absolute waste. Anyone could have filled that role. The same goes for Malcolm-Jamal Warner. Sutter’s needless cameos this season are too distracting.
  • Now that the surviving sheriff is awake and talking to Unser, is she going to a future SAMCRO victim? She can expose the club, which will only put Jarry’s sights on them more.
  • Jax’s toast to the dead women of Diosa felt like more of a way to relieve himself of the guilt than actually feeling remorse for what happened.
  • What kind of retaliation is Marks going to send after SAMCRO? He doesn’t have much of a crew left, unless the Niners betray Jax.
7.0 GOOD

Dealing with club business, this episode felt very uneven. The pace picked up with Nero, Juice, the Mayans and Jax all intertwining their stories. It’ll be interesting to see how things come together for Juice and Gemma next week.

  • GOOD 7

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