TV Recap: New Girl Season 2 - Episode 23 - ‘Virgins’


Ladies and gentlemen, it finally seems that what we had seen coming since the very beginning of season 1 is there and is definitely happening, but is it real?!

Let me rewind for a second and explain why a theoretically innocuous “flashback” episode like “Virgins” might represent an EPOCAL (purposely looking for a dramatic and extreme visual here!) turn in the happy-go-lucky story of Jess and her peculiar roommates.

A couch is the perfect place for reminiscence and that’s exactly where Jess and her knights, along with the omnipresent Cece, decide to share past experiences of long lost virginities in a climate of curiosity and never-missing awkwardness. Jess bets she has the most unusual and embarrassing story in storage. If not the most embarrassing, her tale surely proves to be the most intricate.

While  Winston describes his first time in a hotel room with a middle aged “nurse” provided appositely for the occasion by Nick’s dad, during a trip, Nick cannot believe that after all those years his friend hasn’t realized that under that “nurse” hat lied a professional hooker ready to give Winston the most precious ten seconds of his life.

Screen Shot 2013-05-03 at 7.37.25 PM

Schimdt, who has recently accepted to see his college sweet heart Elizabeth again, explains how his first time has been a rather slippery encounter in his college dorm, in company of a moustache faced Nick and way too much lubricant. Apparently, fat Schimdt was not conscious of the many possible positions available to explore, all he really cared about was for the experience to go as smoothly as possible, literally…!

Cece surprisingly ran into Mick Jagger at a bar when she was 18 years old and Mick was the right man at the right moment, he was the one introducing Cece to adulthood!

And Jess? Her story starts on prom night, when nothing happened since her dress was basically sewn on her body and her goofy date couldn’t figure out a way to take it off. Right outside the hotel room where they were, though, Jess meets a charming guitar-equipped boy whom seems to strike her fancy right away. Unfortunately, she won’t meet him again for a few years (her virginity still intact), but when she eventually does, she believes destiny played a role in it and she agrees to get PHYSICAL with him in a kids’ garden castle. Things don’t go as planned and because of weird architectonic dynamics, she and her newly found Prince Charming get stuck, one on top of the other, in one of the tiny windows of the castle.

That’s when an amazing firefighter comes to rescue Jess and she decides to give herself to him. That same firefighter had texted her a few hours earlier to ask her to meet up for drinks, provoking Nick’s curiosity.

At this point, as she sets foot outside the door, ready to meet her old macho-man, Nick finds the courage to act for once. He picks her up like picking women up is his primary job, carries her to the bedroom and…a myriad of fireworks (being figurative here!) leave them smiling and satisfied as the episode finishes.


  • * This simple but hilarious episode doesn’t really have many loose ends but it certainly triggers a lot of questions.
  • * What is going to happen next? Will Jess and Nick try to awkwardly deny and ignore the consequences of their actions as they usually do, or will they accept the reality of the special chemistry that has been in the air between them since season 1?
  • * How will the room mates, and especially Schimdt, react to the news of what happened if they previously freaked out about a kiss? But above all, will Jess and Nick care about their reactions?
  • * Is this romantic relationship going to be developed in season 3 or will it magically end just to be proposed again in a couple years?

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