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I'm Ansh, a student living in Mumbai who moonlights as a developer of experimental games and writer of short stories. I also write an occasional review of music albums and games.

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Memory and time are two things that are often associated with one another as running on parallel lines but often find themselves at crossroads when perception gets blurred by the passage of time. Hill of Freedom is a short and sweet feature from the talented Hong Sang-soo that structures itself in a non-linear chronology despite having a very low-key slice of life narrative. Despite such…

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Fiction as a window into someone’s lives has always held a certain appeal to creators for ages. Transporting the audience into someone else’s shoes and making them see the world from their eyes has resulted in a wide variant of works. Authenticity is generally the key to such works and as a director duo who have …

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Tales of adolescent delinquency and alienation have been a well-trodden path before to put it mildly, so Asia Argento’s Incompresa isn’t exactly venturing into new territory with its premise. What it lacks for in immediate originality though, it makes up for it largely by conjuring up its own unique charm and then using it …

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Adaptations are a tricky art to perfect but that shouldn’t necessarily apply to someone like David Fincher whose body of work includes some of the better print-to-screen transitions over the past two decades. However, Gone Girl isn’t exactly an easy book to adapt largely because of the challenges posed by its changing …

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Mental health is a topic which has been represented differently over the years often through the lens of the creators’ own experiences in dealing with them. What sets Signe Baumane’s work apart from the predecessors in the field is that it’s composed of an eccentric style which delivers ample dosage of dark humor regularly but …

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Sequels often by their very definition have the unenviable task of bearing the weight of expectations of their predecessors and also a certain baggage of pre-conceived notions along with it. Innocence, the follow-up to the 1995 animated cyberpunk classic, Ghost in the Shell is less of a direct sequel and closer to a stand-alone film of its’ …

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Prodigies have the unenviable position of living their entire life under the heavy expectations of the world and their ownselves while always being at the risk of peaking too early and looking back at mere possibilities of what could have been. While career documentaries on prodigies have been done plenty of times before, what sets Bobbi …

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As a collective society in the aftermath of a tragedy, we often struggle to differentiate the victim and the labels media puts on them from the actual person behind them. Michele Josue’s brilliant, deeply personal and emotive documentary Matt Shepard is a Friend of Mine is a conscious attempt to get a close look at the…

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A moody exploration of sexuality as a fluid concept, Something Must Break mixes twenty-first century notions of queer sexuality with gender identity crisis. While that premise may not exactly come across as unique to those familiar with films centered around LGBT characters, this Swedish film tries to distinguish itself through its …

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