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Ronan Doyle is an Irish undergraduate film student and freelance critic, whose work has appeared on Indiewire, FilmLinc, Film Ireland, FRED Film Radio, and otherwhere. When not watching movies, reading about movies, writing about movies, or thinking about movies, he can be found talking about movies on Twitter. He is fuelled by tea and has heard of sleep, but finds the idea frightfully silly.

Reviews predestination1

“Luck is the residue of design,” proffers Predestination enigmatically in one of the many lines of dialogue that betray this as a movie with neither to its credit. Playing out like a slapdash Frankenstein’s monster of hokey time travel twists and sci-fi set design, this…

Film Festival boven1

It’s not solely for stylistic reasons that It’s All So Quiet tips its hat toward the western work of John Ford in one striking shot of its middle-aged farmer protagonist emerging from his barn, framed in silhouette in the vast doorway. The agrarian narrative of this new…

Film Festival metabolism1

“When filming, you put what interests you in the centre, not on the margin.” So says a doctor surveying the endoscopy DVD of a deathly serious director whose alleged illness is nought more than one part of a ploy to rehearse in-depth and out of clothes with an attractive actress…

Film Festival viktoria_1-1

“10 years before the collapse of communism” proclaims the opening title card of Viktoria, and by the time we reach the closing credits we seem to have lived it. Bulgarian filmmaker Maya Vitkova’s debut feature is a writer-director-producer picture if ever there was one, an over-extended mess of a movie that could stand to have its luvvies cut to ribbons. Like the…

Film Festival quod_erat_demonstrandum_a_l

The great Polish helmer Krzysztof Zanussi’s films of the ‘60s and ‘70s cast a shadow over Quod Erat Demonstrandum, a film whose black and white agéd aesthetic contributes a sense of antiquity that might have made it a contemporary of movies like Camouflage and The Illumination. It is, like those films, a socio-political tract set against the background of academia, abstract…

Film Festival ioch_1-1

I’m an Old Communist Hag is a populist delight that played like gangbusters to the local audience at TIFF Romania back in June. But the movie’s crowd-pleasing capacity oughtn’t to be mistaken for an indication of levity, and if it’s the quick-fire laughs that give it its fun, it’s the deeper issues they give way to that make it a film that lingers. As the adult daughter returned from…

Film Festival candlestick_2

So says George Orwell in his 1946 essay “Decline of the English Murder”, a text invoked by IndieCork programmer Mick Hannigan as he introduced Christopher Presswell’s Candlestick, a film very much intent on constituting a resurrection. Not so much…

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