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Ronan Doyle is an Irish undergraduate film student and freelance critic, whose work has appeared on Indiewire, FilmLinc, Film Ireland, FRED Film Radio, and otherwhere. When not watching movies, reading about movies, writing about movies, or thinking about movies, he can be found talking about movies on Twitter. He is fuelled by tea and has heard of sleep, but finds the idea frightfully silly.

Reviews calvary_2014_1

Genre has never lent itself terribly well to Irish cinema: the folklore is too fairy-filled for horror; the war never hit hard enough for noir; the absence of guns makes almost absurd the idea of action. To have made of Calvary a full-fledged western, then, is quite …

Reviews oh_boy_2013_1

As if itself inviting the assured Allen comparisons that equally abounded in considerations of its close cousin Frances Ha, A Coffee in Berlin concludes with a montage of city sights that’s straight out of Manhattan. But it’s not only to acknowledge…

Reviews anna_2014_1

When the memory-detective protagonist of Anna informs his eponymous charge, the sixteen year-old daughter of a wealthy family who’s suddenly refused to eat, that the movie’s chief technological conceit “doesn’t work like that”, it’s telling that he never offers an…

Reviews ill_follow_you_down_2013_1

Gillian Anderson deserves an Oscar for the restraint she shows in not turning to the camera and winking into the lens as she tells her on-screen husband in I’ll Follow You Down to call her when he lands. As she and their son fade into a soft-focus…

Reviews rigor_mortis_2013_1

“We will use crow’s blood instead of chicken blood” is one of the less weird lines casually uttered in the course of Rigor Mortis, a movie as mad as any we’re likely to see this year. There is a suicide scene that becomes a mental montage of otherworldly imagery; there is…

Reviews trust_me_2013_1

His hand extended out enticingly from the Trust Me poster, no matter the battered state of his face, few could fault you for obliging Clark Gregg. He’s one of those affable independent filmmakers who’s smartly taken the MCU blockbuster bosom as a springboard; here…

Film Festival poarta_alba_2014_1

It’s the great pleasure of the festival experience to see the unfiltered idealism of movies that may never make it beyond the circuit hand-in-hand with the ironclad assurance of yesteryear’s classics. And just as Structure of Crystal offered an old-school…

Film Festival The-Best-Offer

“This is one of those evenings when one feels like this contraption here,” begins the aloof auctioneer played by Geoffrey Rush in The Best Offer, “…incomplete”. It’s not only for the fact that he speaks of a reassembled mechanical man that he might just as easily have said “automated”: this new movie from Cinema Paradiso …

Film Festival Structure of Crystal (dir. Krzysztof Zanussi)

The vagaries of festival planning are a thorn in the paw of the dispatcher, who craves a regularity of reportage that just can’t be justified when the stars don’t align. So it is that I take you to the festival’s end in this, merely the second summation of my couple of days in…

Film Festival cripta_1-1

It might take a degree in Franco-Romanian relations and theology to take much away from The Crypt, and even then you’d need to be reaching. This tonally temeritous offering from sophomore director Corneliu Gheorghita isn’t half the existential allegory it thinks itself, or even a quarter of the fun. Just on the strength of the imagery that opens the film that’s an almighty…

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