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Pilots Badlands

AMC has been touting their newest show, Into the Badlands, for several months now. Described as a post-apocalyptic martial arts drama, the show’s timeslot after The Walking Dead makes sense, in terms of ratings, etc. Is this show worth it? The short answer is, I don’t know. “The Fort” brings the world to life with really good action, but gives us characters who are pretty bland and one-note so far.

Pilots Blood and Oil

Big bets pay off remarkably well in Blood & Oil‘s pilot. Scheming, borrowing significant sums of money and being willing to risk it all based on dubious sources of information – in this case, eavesdropping someone’s cell phone conversation – all pay off very quickly.

Pilots Blindspot

In Times Square, a cop notices an unattended bag with a tag attached to it that says “Call the FBI”. After the space has been cleared, a member of the NYPD Bomb Squad approaches it. Not detecting any radiation from it, he goes to inspect the bag.

Pilots Marry

As we wind down from the pilots of the new series of the 2014/2015 seasons, it’s always important to keep in mind that while any pilot is a crap shoot in terms of potential and longevity, pilots for comedies in particular have it especially rough.

Pilots Jane

The real miracle of Jane the Virgin isn’t how a 23-year old virgin could end up pregnant, but how a show could possibly balance so many outrageous twists with sincerity and charm. I was initially quite skeptical of the show given the premise, but less than ten minutes in, I was completely drawn into Jane’s world.

Pilots mulaney-pilot_article_story_large

From the opening seconds of Mulaney, which features John Mulaney (who plays a version of himself) in the middle of performing his standup routine, it is clear that the show is heavily inspired by sitcom icon Seinfeld.

Pilots badjudge_nbc-e1412266780186

“You’re a judge, not a social worker!” admonishes Judge Rebecca Wright’s boss. For a show called Bad Judge that observation might come as a surprise. The “bad” part presumably refers to things such as her wild partying, exhibitionist sex on her desk, pregnancy scares, and hangovers.

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