Author Stacia Kissick Jones

From the moment she heard that computer ask, "How about a nice game of chess?" Stacia has been devoted to movies. A film critic and writer for the better part of a decade, Stacia also plays classical guitar, reads murder mysteries and shamelessly abuses both caffeine and her Netflix queue.

Reviews my scientology movie

“Let me know that my problem is that I buy my own bullshit,” Marty Rathbun, a former high-level Scientologist, tells a young actor auditioning for the role of church head David Miscavage. Filmmaker Louis Theroux, claiming frustration over not being allowed to speak to Scientology officials for his documentary on the church, has called in…

Reviews Kedi

“Without the cat, Istanbul would lose part of its soul,” declares Kedi in its opening frames. Set in the ancient city of Istanbul, which people have shared with a vibrant and beloved community of street cats, Kedi dares to embrace optimism in a world overflowing with everything but. This documentary, director Ceyda Torun’s first…

NP Approved i am not your negro

“You’ve been beaten, and it’s been deliberate,” said author James Baldwin in a 1984 interview with The Paris Review, describing the desperation of living in America. “The whole society has decided to make you nothing. And they don’t even know they’re doing it.” Five years earlier in 1979, Baldwin…

NP Approved the daughter

It’s been the better part of two decades since Christian (Paul Schneider) has returned to his Australian home, having left for America years ago after his mother died. His reluctant return comes as his wealthy father Henry (Geoffrey Rush) is about to remarry to a woman younger than his disaffected son, and it’s no shock to anyone…

Reviews the sunshine makers

“We thought LSD was going to change the world,” declares Nicholas Sand in The Sunshine Makers, Cosmo Feilding Mellen’s nostalgic documentary on LSD culture and manufacture in the 1960s. Sand, along with sometimes partner in crime Tim Scully, produced LSD by the literal truckload in the hopes of bringing about world piece, and were…

Reviews 20th-century-women

It’s 1979 in sunny, laid-back Santa Barbara, still slightly glowing from the communes, free love and surf culture of the 1960s, and Dorothea (Annette Bening) worries about the growing distance between her and her son Jamie (Lucas Jade Zumann). A no-nonsense architect and single mother, she enlists the help of Abbie (Greta…

Reviews king-cobra

King Cobra, based on the 2007 murder of pornographer Bryan Kocis, means to be a darkly comic take on goofy criminals, and the culture clash between the sex industry and Middle America. Instead, it’s a flat, linear rehashing of a complicated and occasionally ludicrous situation, the kind of true crime that by all rights should…

Reviews mascots

Christopher Guest’s newest faux documentary, Mascots, follows the path of several sports mascots on their way to compete in the World Mascot Association championships. An organization apparently reserved for mascots of small, regional schools, most of the contestants are the kind of goofy Middle Americans that Guest is…

Reviews danny-says

Praised as the “mayor” of the early New York City punk scene, the legendary Danny Fields was one of the first of the so-called house hippies employed by record companies in the 1960s, young men who could live with the freaks by night, and by day explain their marketability to the suits back at the office. He spent the 1960s…

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