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The love stories of today’s cinema tend to overlook the moral and cultural values that shape them. In these films, love is habitually idealized: he loves she and she loves he, based on some ineffable, pie-in-the-sky attraction. Love becomes a fantasy, as if it is something that just happens. Or there is the opposite attitude: love is foolish …

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After losing a leg to cancer at the age of twelve, Steve Fonyo was inspired by Terry Fox and in 1985, at eighteen years old, Fonyo completed his own run across Canada. Nonetheless hampered by the shadow of Terry Fox, his feat went well recognized in its own right. For his endeavor he was given the Order of Canada…

Film Festival A Heavy Heart (dir. Thomas Stuber, 2015)

Thomas Stuber’s A Heavy Heart is the complex story of a former boxer turned teacher and bouncer who life takes a sudden turn for the worse. In many ways, it’s both a gritty and an uplifting film at that. Thomas Stuber’s feature debut is deservedly garnering a lot of talk at this year’s film festival. Peter Kurth’s portrayal of a deteriorating Herbert is a tour de…

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Imagine millions of people tuning into a televised political debates featuring men with high IQs. That actually happened in 1968 during the presidential elections. ABC News featured ten debates between liberal Gore Vidal and conservative William F. Buckley Jr. Through scholarly verbal sparring Vidal and Buckley threw up fireworks that spoke more about their volatile relationship than about the politics of the time itself.

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During Munich International Film Festival I sat down with debut filmmaker Trey Shults to talk about his very personal, emotional, award-winning feature Krisha, in which a family members returns home for Thanksgiving after several years of absence due to struggles with alcoholism. Krisha is based on a short film of the same name and stars a lot of Shults’ friends and family including his aunt Krisha who plays the title’s protagonist.

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Actor-turned-director Andrea di Stefano presented his film Escobar: Paradise Lost in Munich where it had its German premiere the same time the film was theatrically released in the US after playing the festival circuit back in 2014. It tells the story of Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar from the perspective of an outsider, who suddenly finds himself caught up in the violent and brutal drug cartel run by Escobar.

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