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Alice Through the Looking Glass (Walt Disney Studios) is a follow-up to Tim Burton’s 2010 Alice In Wonderland. Rather than go directly back to the Lewis Carroll source material, screenwriter Linda Wolverton has combined some of Carroll’s best-known characters with a plot about a son trying to reconnect with his family, a bit of science-fiction time travel, and eye-filling visuals made possible through the magic of computer-generated imagery.

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How pleasant it is to encounter the wit and sophistication of a period romantic comedy during a season typically filled with superhero flicks, animated movies, and broad comedies. Cafe Society (Lionsgate) Woody Allen’s 46th picture, focuses on New Yorker Bobby Dorfman (Jesse Eisenberg) who, bored with a dull job in the family business, heads to …

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It’s not the Fortress of Solitude. It’s not the Bat Cave. It’s a mid-century Airstream trailer, renovated to include a sizable weapons cache, gold bullion, neatly packaged stacks of cash, and near-priceless paintings. But for Christian Wolff (Ben Affleck), a CPA who operates a modest, out-of-the-way accounting practice outside of Chicago in director Gavin …

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Christopher Guest’s newest faux documentary, Mascots, follows the path of several sports mascots on their way to compete in the World Mascot Association championships. An organization apparently reserved for mascots of small, regional schools, most of the contestants are the kind of goofy Middle Americans that Guest is…

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Cat on a Hot Tin Roof (Warner Archive) is an adaptation of the Tennessee Williams play about greed, sexual frustration, lust and impotence shaking up a wealthy Southern family. Elizabeth Taylor plays Maggie, the wife of neurotic Brick Pollitt (Paul Newman), who seems to be uncertain about his sexuality. Made in 1958 during the era of the Production Code, the film was pretty steamy. The performances still hold up, particularly those of Burl Ives as Big Daddy Pollit and Madeleine Sherwood as the always pregnant Mae Pollitt.

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Len & Company (IFC Films) stars Rhys Ifans as Len Black, a one-time punk rocker who’s become a successful record producer. Following a public meltdown, he retreats to his country home for some time away from the pressures of the business. His solitude is interrupted by a visit from some surprise guests — his estranged son Max (Jack Kilmer) and his pink-wigged pop star protege (Juno Temple) — who arrive with complications of their own and shake Len out of his …

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The Legend of Tarzan (Warner Home Video) is the latest among numerous screen versions of the Tarzan story. The character’s origin tale is by now so familiar that the filmmakers have taken a different route, beginning the story in 1880s England, where Tarzan (Alexander Skarsgard) — now John Clayton III, Lord Greystoke — lives a life of privilege. Meanwhile, Africa is being exploited by European powers. King Leopold of Belgium is planning to tighten his hold on the Congo by conquering and enslaving its inhabitants.

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The new Ghostbusters (Sony Home Entertainment) isn’t technically a remake, and not a sequel. The best description would be a reimagining. The plot follows the original, up to a point, and then veers onto a wild comic path all its own. Directed by Paul Feig (Bridesmaids, Spy), the movie takes advantage of the talents of four extremely talented women and the dazzling possibilities of computer-generated special effects.

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If you were to line up every young male actor working today, and were asked to select one to play an FBI agent who infiltrates the terrifyingly prominent Neo-Nazi subculture, chances are mild-mannered, 5’5” Daniel Radcliffe wouldn’t be your first (or even 67th) choice. Similarly, you more than likely aren’t nonchalantly talented Imperium …

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