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Beeba Boys, a farcical mockery of classic gangster films, and an insensitive caricature of factual violence in Vancouver, is a grand step backwards for famed Indo-Canadian director, Deepa Mehta. Its phony appeal and superfluous gesticulations are akin to glamourous Bollywood films which lack substance but provide much superficial pleasure. A perfect metaphor…

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After premiering at Cannes and winning awards at TIFF, Andrew Cividino came to BC to showcase his well-talked-about feature film Sleeping Giant, a film in his words about “the ticking time bomb of growing up”. The film deals with three northern Ontario kids who spend their summer by the lake. Using a hybrid script which involved an outline and much…

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A thoughtful, meditative film, Golden Kingdom tells the story of four young monks raised in a monastery in Burma. When their master must leave for an extended period of time, the four boys, aged approximately 7-12, face certain challenges. The most responsible one, placed in charge, takes it upon himself to take care …

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Pablo Larrain’s The Club is a highly daring thriller, with much offensive language and content found throughout its highly controversial observation of the hypocrisy and immorality of the Catholic Church. Though some scenes go beyond reproach in terms of filthy dialogue and distasteful images, with the words semen, cum, and ejaculate mentioned as much…

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In his opening remarks, producer Selwyn Jacob of the National Film Board of Canada (NFB) stated that “courage seems to be the underlying theme of [Ninth Floor].” Dealing with the biggest student revolt in Canada’s history, Ninth Floor documents, through resourceful archival footage and authentic cinema verite interviews, a protest against the explicit…

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Sleeping with other People is Leslye Headland’s (About Last Night) 95 minute long limited-release (for the time being) romantic comedy that was 88 minutes of fantastic film. 88 minutes of hilarious back and forth between the extremely charismatic co-leads of that work best when Jason Sudeikis is reigned in and …

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At VIFF’s world premiere of Matsubayashi Yoju’s newest film, Reflection, the director along with film scholar Tony Raynes offered an introduction and Q&A session. During this introduction, Yoju explained how he wished to try something new and experimental, to use some abstract style different from before. He …

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Told in two chapters, Sang-soo’s Right Now, Wrong Then does not offer a before and after love story, but instead two instances of a single existence of place and time, presented as if alternate time-lines. In a most direct conversation on impermanence, Sang-soo shows how slight changes in energy, mood, and most …

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Co-produced by Jafar Panahi’s brother Yousef, this topical Iranian film was made in secret to hide from censorship. It regularly uses a candid camera, has a particularly documentary like tone, and deals with issues such as feminism, humility, and violence. Paradise is a rather frustrating film, as the project and its intentions promise more than the film ultimately…

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