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Reviews Dracula-Untold-Wallpapers

In recent years Universal Pictures must surely have been casting envious glances across the Hollywood lot toward Marvel, and to a lesser extent DC, following the astronomical success of their franchises. As they inevitably rummaged around down the back of their sofa they found a series of characters that could …

Film Festival You’re Sleeping Nicole
(dir. Stéphane Lafleur)

Shot with a 60s aesthetic resembling the French New Wave, but conveying circumstances present only in the 21st century, this absurdly comedic Quebec film puts together art and satire to decent at best ends. In 35mm black and white, a young girl careens through a life of purposelessness and ennui. She displays an evident complex of self-entitlement and naiveté, as one may expect…

Film Festival BlindMassage

Lou Ye has quietly accrued an illustrious filmography showing four films at the Cannes Film Festival, and most recently, winning the Best Cinematography Award at the Berlin International Film Festival with Blind Massage. Based on a best-selling novel of the same name, the film observes a micro-culture of blind …

Reviews 5_zps54c3ee05

Kim Ki-duk’s latest is a twisted tale of incest with the addition of our natural love of genitalia. It feels weird to say that the most absurd thing about this film is its complete lack of dialogue; not the inclusions of castration, cannibalism, incest, masturbation, voyeurism and rape. Its extremism says a lot about humanity’s condition …

Film Festival Magnificent View
(dir. Nam Keun-hak)

In this short South Korean film, a labour worker is shown repairing an old roof. A concrete physical attachment, the roof is restorable, unlike his father’s illness, presumably Alzheimer’s. The worker expresses grief and sorrow each time he receives phone call from his father, always first asking if…

Reviews Street-bikes2

When Jeremy (Sebastian Armesto) brings his British fiancée Jennifer (Olivia Grant) along on a European trip to search for the extended family of his best friend William (Gethin Anthony), he surely didn’t expect it to trigger fits of jealousy and resentment in William. “She sucks,” William says about Jennifer, “And not in a good …

Reviews the_boxtrolls_2014_movie-wide

Laika Entertainment’s latest effort, The Boxtrolls follows in the footsteps of its other feature length films such as Corpse Bride, Coraline, and ParaNorman in that it takes a topic that is fairly dark and unsettling and makes it into wonderful entertainment for kids. It’s also got deeper meanings for the parents in the audience if they’re …

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