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There is a conundrum when considering Mel Brooks’ Spaceballs, his 1987 spoof of the sci-fi genre obliquely and Star Wars specifically. The conundrum is that the movie is so shoddily put together that it’s almost painful to watch yet it’s still so funny. Brooks said on the movie that he took off his artistic glasses and threw …

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Family and homecoming have always been strong, well used themes for Greek filmmakers and Maria Douza has drawn on these for her debut feature film. A Place Called Home, or The Tree And The Swing to give it its original title, is a character piece that offers a more contemporary slant while remaining true to its traditional …

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In Antarctica, August is the coldest time of the year. McMurdo Station, the largest of several bases on the continent, houses up to 1200 employees during the warmer months, while only a handful remain behind in the mid-year winter. Filmmaker Anthony Powell has worked as a radio engineer in Antarctica …

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Michelangelo Antonioni’s cinema is not only the cinema of class-afforded ennui, of works that see languor as a byproduct of privilege, an offshoot of life stripped of its most innate anxieties, but also the cinema of time, of its erosive effects on memory and other such mental constructs, which, gossamer in nature ….

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In general, comedies are low-risk, high-return commercial propositions. They’re made relatively cheaply, often with one or two mid-level (or lower) stars of the comedic variety. If they don’t hit, they quickly fade into obscurity, their losses, minimal in the grand scheme of Hollywood things, written off. If they hit, however, they’re money in the virtual bank for the studios financing them, making sequels, wanted or unwanted by …

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It was 1985 when Oskar (Didier Flamand) fled communist Czechoslovakia for France. One-third of the noted Czech political comedy trio known as Busters, his departure was the fatal blow to the group. The two remaining members, Max (Oldrich Kaiser) and Viktor (Jirí Lábus), struggled to find their own way after the breakup, while Oskar’s family endured hostility from a Communist Party angry at his defection. Nearly thirty years later …

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Park Jung-bum’s second feature, one of the Jeonju Digital Project feature films for 2014, begins with a man chopping wood in the countryside, in the bitter cold. He is alone and determined in his actions, captured in long takes. The next sequence consists of a woman whose face we do not see; with her back to the camera, she takes off her blouse and begins to flagellate herself with a branch. She then nears the wall of the room in what …

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