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What would the world be like without war between nations? Peaceful and battle free you’d suppose. As much as that seems to be true, it’s become clear that people and society enjoy the excitement and fear that goes with warfare. In a future version of Earth where nations are at ease with each other, the deployment of staged warfare has …

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Monsterz, directed by Nakata Hideo, is the Japanese adaptation of the 2010 Korean film Haunters starring Kang Dong-won and Ko Soo. While Haunters has its solid moments, it leaves a tepid impression at most due to its uneven handling of slapstick and drama. In Nakata’s hands, the story of two young men whose supernatural gifts …

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Dawn of The Planet of The Apes is not only a sequel that enhances and improves upon the origin story from 2011, it is one of the best films of 2014. That seems silly to say about a film revolving around CGI Simians and their fight against desperate humans, and it very well could have been that way. That is the magic of the film, the way it …

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With its black-and-white cinematography, minimalist visual décor and sound effects, and overall unassuming nature, Sabu’s venture into the zombie film is memorable, ingenious, and ultimately moving. Set in an ambiguous period of either the near future or distant past, Miss Zombie is in large part a sensitive family drama, with a focus …

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A troubling fable on the problems of an unbending caste society, Sadgati finds Satyajit Ray as a steadfast voice of social conscientiousness twenty-six years after the release of his first film. Shot with a color pallet of earthy hues and harkening to the sounds of rural life, this unassuming cinematic gem percolates with understated power …

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The below- freezing conditions, mind-affecting isolation and destructive winter snowstorms – why would anyone want to live in Antarctica? And the ones that have braved those horrible conditions, who the heck are these people? With all the possible scientific angles on that southern icy continent covered in various documentaries already, these questions remained…

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Screenwriter-director Kudo Kankuro’s third feature combines beautiful whimsicality with satirical, perceptive commentary on the social fabric of communities, in a way that only Japanese cinema can do. The opening sequence establishes this whimsicality immediately, as it presents the titular character’s propensity to fantasise since he was …

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It’s virtually impossible to leave Dawn of the Planet of the Apes worried about the survival of mankind. This observation isn’t as much a criticism of Matt Reeves’ blockbuster film as it is high praise for creating a world…

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