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1 P.M., also known as One Parallel Movie—or, according to Godard, One Pennebaker movie—is a reconstructed enactment of a film originally titled 1 A.M. (One American Movie). When Godard’s 1 A.M. was not fully realized, Pennebaker deconstructed Godard’s thematic intentions and recontextualized them in …

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Who would have thought that the man who directed flat-out horror films like The Hills Have Eyes and High Tension would be able to pull off dark comedy so effortlessly? With Horns, Alexandre Aja shows impressive range by delving into the macabre and pulling from his story not only terrific horror elements but genuine …

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I’ve never been able to get into skiing. Despite growing up in the tundra known as Upstate New York, having more than a passing familiarity with a white landscape, and constantly being barraged by accusatory exclamations of “you don’t ski,” I just haven’t taken to those vehicles of death. There is…

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ABCs of Death 2 promises 26 short films, each delivering a different method or theme surrounding death. Some shorts are light, some play like a cautionary tale and others deliver a strong, sometimes heavy handed message through the voice of the filmmaker. Overall the sequel offers a more focused approach when compared to its predecessor. ABCs of Death was all over the…

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Lou Bloom (Jake Gyllenhal) is a demented shell. He’s a petty thief and crazy lonely man whose educated himself through motivational speaker rhetoric. One night he happens upon a freelance news cameraman (Bill Paxton) zooming into a car crash. Fascinated by the lure of big bucks and success, Bloom pawns a stolen bike in return for a cheap camera thus beginning his new…

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Equally a caustic encapsulation of celebrity culture and a confessional of one’s more-cultivating-than-complicit role in it, Federico Fellini’s La dolce vita is the work of an artist at odds not with the professional system in which he works but with the state of cultural decline that certain parasitic vocations – his lead and …

Film Festival Class Enemy (dir. Rok Bicek)

A film about isolation and class disparity, Gente de bien chronicles the life of a confused young boy lost in the middle of social hierarchies and gentrification. Living with his estranged father after his mother leaves, the boy develops a kind of borderline personality disorder. Feeling abandoned, he rejects his father who seems to represent all the negative forces surrounding him…

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Just before watching this film, the focus on my social feed was about inappropriate Halloween costume gear targeted at very young girls. While boys were being offered the firefighter and police uniforms modeled after the real thing, little girls were given the choice of the same costume only with hiked up skirts, and little …

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Over four films and roughly a decade, Alejandro González Iñárritu (Biutiful, Babel, 21 Grams, Amores Perros) has proven himself a wildly ambitious director, ever willing to tackle Big Ideas through complex, non-linear narrative structures. Since his justly heralded debut, Amores Perros, fourteen years ago, however …

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