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How did they ever make a movie of Lolita? That was not only the marketing campaign in 1962 leading up to the release of Stanley Kubrick’s film but a genuinely good question. Director Stanley Kubrick made a decision to film the controversial 1958 Vladimir Nabokov novel Lolita, a novel about a European intellectual in his late …

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A common fault of smaller films like Don’t Get Killed in Alaska isn’t a lack of execution, but a lack of confidence. Writer and director Bill Taylor (in his feature directorial debut) very nearly pulls off a convincing and emotional family drama, but instead muddies the narrative and the emotional pull with some …

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The sound of rushing wind plays as the camera pans just above the clouds towards the tips of mountains peaking in the distance. The shot is a classic Kubrick device: by sweeping the screen with landscape shots he cleanses the viewers palate of everything else in their subconscious. The viewer has no choice, but be caught in …

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An uneasy weave of drama and thriller, Before I Go To Sleep follows a very Memento-esque journey of one amnesiac’s attempts to piece together information about their traumatic past. The hook here is that the amnesiac is a housewife and, similar to Memento, the new memories she makes in her sleuthing don’t last very …

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1 P.M., also known as One Parallel Movie—or, according to Godard, One Pennebaker movie—is a reconstructed enactment of a film originally titled 1 A.M. (One American Movie). When Godard’s 1 A.M. was not fully realized, Pennebaker deconstructed Godard’s thematic intentions and recontextualized them in …

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Who would have thought that the man who directed flat-out horror films like The Hills Have Eyes and High Tension would be able to pull off dark comedy so effortlessly? With Horns, Alexandre Aja shows impressive range by delving into the macabre and pulling from his story not only terrific horror elements but genuine …

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I’ve never been able to get into skiing. Despite growing up in the tundra known as Upstate New York, having more than a passing familiarity with a white landscape, and constantly being barraged by accusatory exclamations of “you don’t ski,” I just haven’t taken to those vehicles of death. There is…

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ABCs of Death 2 promises 26 short films, each delivering a different method or theme surrounding death. Some shorts are light, some play like a cautionary tale and others deliver a strong, sometimes heavy handed message through the voice of the filmmaker. Overall the sequel offers a more focused approach when compared to its predecessor. ABCs of Death was all over the…

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