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Film Festival A Ghost Story (dir. David Lowery, 2017)

My three favorite films of SIFF 2017 didn’t necessarily share themes – they spoke to their own themes, and they did it well, yet they found themselves in opposing genres, tones, and visual stylings. But those differences have no bearing on my feelings toward any of them; one is the moving story of two Korean-American brothers in LA fighting to stay afloat amidst the Rodney King riots, one is a hazy…

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The Lodger (The Criterion Collection), subtitled “A Story of the London Fog,” stars Ivor Novello as Jonathan Drew, a quiet, secretive young man who rents a room in a London boarding house. Drew’s arrival coincides with horrible crimes attributed to a serial killer known as the Avenger, whose victims are young blonde women. The landlady’s attractive daughter Daisy (June Tripp), who is being courted by Joe Chandler (Malcolm Keen) — a …

Film Festival The Trip to Spain (dir.  Michael Winterbottom, 2017)

SIFF 2017’s diversity in theme didn’t just put us under the boot of an oppressive power to give us interesting and diverse perspectives – no, it also elucidated those perspectives by challenging their basic, human beliefs. Three films I saw did this extraordinarily well; one challenged a high school graduate’s supposed understanding of his peers with the looming unknown of college, one contrasted the…

Film Festival City of Ghosts (dir. Matthew Heineman, 2017)

Seattle’s 43rd International Film Festival saw an incredibly diverse selection of films, giving attendees more options from more countries than ever before – but in themes, the selection was just as diverse. One pattern I saw, in particular, was films about inescapable powers. As for what powers those might be, well, it varied from film to film, but three in particular stood out to me. One was about the…

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Everybody Loves Somebody (Lionsgate) is a bilingual romantic comedy set in Los Angeles. Carla (Karla Souza) is a successful doctor, but not so successful in her love life. Her dissatisfaction comes to the surface when her parents, who live in Baja, decide to get married after 40 years of living together without an official marriage certificate. Clara has a self-destructive bent, often trying to undermine the relationships of others in her life, including her own parents. She favors one-night stands but seems to have a dread fear of commitment.

NP Approved it comes at night

It Comes At Night is, without a doubt, the best film of 2017 thus far. Riveting, engrossing, spellbinding – just a few words to describe It Comes At Night. With great performances from the entire cast, namely Joel Edgerton as a quiet, mysterious, “whatever needs to be done to protect my family “type of character. And honestly, that’s…

Reviews rough night

Don’t expect anything remotely subversive with Rough Night, a mash-up of Weekend at Bernie’s, Very Bad Things, The Hangover, and Bridesmaids. Instead, expect an edge-free, surface-deep, faux-raunchfest that too often misses the mark humor and drama wise. Directed and co-written by Lucia Aniello (Time Traveling Bong, Broad City), making her…

Reviews cars 3

It’s been six, not-so-long years since Pixar’s second-to-last major misstep (The Last Dinosaur gets the most recent nod), Cars 2, arrived in multiplexes to thrill and entertain moviegoers, albeit with an ulterior intention foremost in Pixar’s collective minds: Sell more Cars-related merchandise. Between Cars in 2006 and Cars 2…

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Three Sisters (Kino Classics) is a 1974 adaptation of the Anton Chekhov play directed by Laurence Olivier. The upper class Prozoroiv sisters of the title — Masha (Joan Plowright), Olga (Jeanne Watts), and Irina (Louise Purnell) — live in a provincial purgatory nearly a thousand miles away from their beloved Moscow. Intoxicated by yesterday’s triumphs and blind to imminent disasters, the three sisters are left to sift through their shattered dreams on the eve of the social and political upheaval that will transform Russia forever.

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