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Kim Ki-duk’s latest is a twisted tale of incest with the addition of our natural love of genitalia. It feels weird to say that the most absurd thing about this film is its complete lack of dialogue; not the inclusions of castration, cannibalism, incest, masturbation, voyeurism and rape. Its extremism says a lot about humanity’s condition …

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(dir. Nam Keun-hak)

In this short South Korean film, a labour worker is shown repairing an old roof. A concrete physical attachment, the roof is restorable, unlike his father’s illness, presumably Alzheimer’s. The worker expresses grief and sorrow each time he receives phone call from his father, always first asking if…

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When Jeremy (Sebastian Armesto) brings his British fiancée Jennifer (Olivia Grant) along on a European trip to search for the extended family of his best friend William (Gethin Anthony), he surely didn’t expect it to trigger fits of jealousy and resentment in William. “She sucks,” William says about Jennifer, “And not in a good …

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Laika Entertainment’s latest effort, The Boxtrolls follows in the footsteps of its other feature length films such as Corpse Bride, Coraline, and ParaNorman in that it takes a topic that is fairly dark and unsettling and makes it into wonderful entertainment for kids. It’s also got deeper meanings for the parents in the audience if they’re …

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Disconnect lies at the heart of La Sapienza. An architect disconnected from his passion. His wife emotionally disconnected from her husband. Even the film’s two opening montages – one of renaissance architecture accompanied by classical choral music, the other of modern architecture under cloudy skies …

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Two Shots Fired opens on an act of irrational violence: A 16-year-old boy, devoid of any expression or motivation we can register, shoots himself twice after a quick swim. The film ends, 100 minutes later, having fully convinced us that it’s no more logical than that impulsive act. Two Shots Fired operates just beyond our understanding, which befits a film about human…

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