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If you’re not a fan of football, missed a trailer or two during a run for more food, or just want to revisit that Civil War spot, this is the place to be. We’ve gathered all the TV spots from Super Bowl in one convenient place for your viewing pleasure, including a brand new full-length trailer for The Jungle Book that was released after its spot aired. Elsewhere, the new Jason Bourne film takes a page from the last Rambo film when choosing its name, Independence Day 2 shows off destruction porn, 10 Cloverfield Lane amps up the suspense and intrigue, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 reminds us it exists. Which Super Bowl spot was your favorite?

Trailers keanu cat

Friends hatch a plot to retrieve a stolen cat by posing as drug dealers for a street gang. Stars Keegan-Michael Key, Jordan Peele, Will Forte, Jason Mitchell and Luis Guzman. Directed by Peter Atencio. In theaters April 29, 2016

Trailers elvis-nixon-michael-shannon-kevin-spacey

The untold true story behind the meeting between the King of Rock ‘n Roll and President Nixon, resulting in this revealing, yet humorous moment immortalized in the most requested photograph in the National Archives.

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