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Like any good French filmmaker, writer-director Olivier Assayas (Summer Hours, Demonlover, Irma Vep) has crafted both an offscreen persona as a hyper-intellectual filmmaker and openly courted, if not controversy, then audience disengagement and alienation. Under one interpretation, a true auteur and mainstream filmmaking…

SXSW 2017 Prevenge_1

Most of the time when you say “pregnancy” and “horror” in the same sentence, you’re usually talking about something either pre-pregnancy or post-pregnancy. We’ve had plenty of films featuring demonic children or satanic conception, placing the impetus of the fear…

Reviews Get Out

Jean-Paul Sartre was wrong. Hell isn’t other people. Hell is white people, specifically white faux-liberals, in Jordan Peele’s (Keanu, Key & Peele) writing-directing feature-length debut, Get Out, a horror-comedy mash-up of Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner?, The Stepford Wives, and The Puppet Masters that ruthlessly satirizes the misguided…

Reviews blair-witch

That mini-horror renaissance that begin with The Conjuring 2 this summer and continued through Lights Out and Don’t Breathe just last month? It’s been put on hold by the deeply disappointing arrival of Adam Wingard and Simon Barrett’s (The Guest ,You’re Next, V/H/S, A Horrible Way to Die) Blair Witch, the 17-years-in-the-making…

Reviews Lights Out

Several years ago, a little known Swedish filmmaker, David F. Sandberg, released a three-minute horror short into the wild. A near-perfect combination of premise and execution, it became a viral hit. The story could have ended there, but horror auteur James Wan (The Conjuring, Insidious, and Saw series) and his production…

Reviews Men and Chicken

When their father dies, Gabriel (David Dencik) and Elias (Mads Mikkelsen) are given a video containing an important message from the recently deceased. Or at least it’s supposed to be an important message, but thanks to incompetence is instead just a few seconds of the camera accidentally pointed at their father’s…

Reviews They're Watching

Likely one of the found-footage genre’s most inventive gimmicks is that of the documentary style. It not only provides an instant explanation for the filming of the footage we’re watching, but grounds it in a strong sense of realism. This was put to horrifying effect in The Poughkeepsie Tapes, John Erick Dowdle’s controversial…

SXSW 2016 hush 1

I came to the horror genre late. There’s a story that involves Killer Klowns and a terrified little boy, but that’s a story for another time. The experience led me to miss out on years of genuine scares because once you become an adult, it gets a lot harder to be scared. Regardless of the frequency…

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