Youngcuts Film Series: Haleiya


Courtesy of our friends at YoungCuts Film Festival

Director: AJ Korkidakis
Country: Canada
Genre: Short

Haleiya is Part 1 of our 20 Part YoungCuts Film Series

About the film: Where do memories go when we don’t want them anymore? The journey of an abandoned moment from the past, searching for a new home, told through a series of photographs and stop motion animation.

About the filmmaker: AJ Korkidakis is undoubtedly a product of the digital age - so much so that he rejects the title filmmaker in favour of the more contemporary “digital media artist”. Though not the catchiest title, it’s the only one that does justice to the variety of media he finds himself working in: AJ works professionally in film, video, motion graphics, animation, photography and design.

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  • Matthew Blevins

    Lovely cine-poem.  I could live in that opening shot, and it sets the tone nicely for the melancholic wistfulness that follows.  The transience of space is intriguing to me, and one can feel the history of a place by listening for the echos.