Youngcuts Film Series: Snowball


Courtesy of our friends at YoungCuts Film Festival

Director: Eric Bent
Country: Canada
Genre: Short

Snowball is Part 2 of our 20 Part YoungCuts Film Series

About the film: A young man becomes the target of a snowball thrower while making a snowman. Will he ignore it….or get back at him? (Somewhat based on a real event)

About the filmmaker: Eric Bent is an animator, visual artist and (sometimes) musician originally from Aylmer, Quebec but now based in Montreal. He is currently undergoing his final year in the Film Animation Program at Concordia University, but plans to continue making films well after he graduates.

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  • Christopher Misch

    For some reason the main character is this lovely short reminds me of @baronronan!

  • Baron Ronan Doyle

    Me? Is that a good or a bad thing?

  • Baron Ronan Doyle

    OH WAIT I get it, very good. Well that took embarassingly long…