NP Stream: Take A Hike (2012)


A young man takes his girlfriend’s father into the woods to ask him the daunting question. Stars Taylor James Brandt and Todd Terry. Directed by Mark Blitch.

Taking a straightforward story and fleshing it out with a solid sense of humour and two likeable performances, Mark Blitch’s second short film is a witty affair with plenty in the way of heart to boot. Working like a classic comedy duo of the goofy guy and his straight foil, James Taylor Brandt and Todd Terry feed off each other to great effect, embodying their characters in a short space of time with a grounded reality that lets the film work wonderfully as a piece of lightly engaging comedy. As a showcase of Blitch’s visual abilities, it works twice as well. He gets the best out of a great setting, making full use of the evening sun and the great openness of his location with some gorgeous wide angles. Save for a dodgy shot or two with the camera needlessly mounted on arbitrary objects, he fills his frames wisely, making the experience as pleasant visually as it is narratively.Ronan Doyle

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