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Television Of-Freaks

After the narrative and emotional limbo of last week’s episode, “A Potpourri of Freaks” (written by story editors Ian Deitchman & Kristin Rusk Robinson and directed by cast member Peter Krause himself), is somewhat of a return to form. We don’t have one major plotline going on that has all the cast members in orbit …

Pilots Marry

As we wind down from the pilots of the new series of the 2014/2015 seasons, it’s always important to keep in mind that while any pilot is a crap shoot in terms of potential and longevity, pilots for comedies in particular have it especially rough.

Parenthood happybirthdayzeek1

Despite literally picking up where the last episode left off with Sarah and Amber processing the news of Amber’s pregnancy, “Happy Birthday, Zeek” (directed again by Trilling, but written by one of the star writers of the show Sarah Watson) was a breather of an episode.

Parenthood parenthoodvegas1

Wow. What a difference it makes to know that the next season you’re going into is the last. Whereas other seasons of Parenthood start off casually and spend their time getting into the groove of things, this time around the show just bursts out of the gate with an extreme close-up of Amber as she sees the ultrasound of her nearly 3 month baby.

Parenthood Parenthood

After much deliberation and some intense, behind-the-scenes negotiations for the cast and crew (it was the last scripted show of the previous season to get renewed), Parenthood is coming back for a sixth and final 13 episode season.

Reviews la-et-mn-the-grand-seduction-exclusive-clip-taylor-kitsch-brendan-gleeson-20140514

As an avid film geek (and occasional critic), it is always best to go into a film with zero expectations. Going in expecting either the best or the worst the filmmakers involved have to offer can sometimes come back to bite you in the ass. This isn’t necessarily the case here, but if you go in expecting one thing but getting something else that’s done fairly well, you …

Parenthood Parenthood finale

Even though this is from Victor’s prize winning essay (titled “The Pontiac”, which is where the finale gets its title from) about him working on Zeke’s GTO in relation to Joel and Julia’s marriage falling apart, this quote could be easily talking about season 5 of Parenthood as a whole. It’s an unfortunate trend that happens especially on network TV where a show’s best season is often followed by its worst. And as both a fan of the show and as someone who volunteered to recap the episodes this season, this was a tough one to sit through. Between the boondoggle that was Kristina running for mayor for half the season followed by her starting a charter school (which in comparison was less awful, but no less outlandish), Joel’s unwillingness to fight to keep his and Julia’s marriage together and the back and forth between Sarah and Hank as well as Drew’s love life in college, you could sense that after two seasons of smaller and more contained runs, the 22 episode order (along with Katims working on the About a Boy series) ended up being a burden rather than a blessing for the writing staff. But even amidst this rough year, there were some good moments and great plotlines. If last year was Kristina’s year, then this year was Zeke and Camille’s. But we’ll get to them later.

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