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Film makers have been working tirelessly since the dawn of the cinema age to convince us that the world will end at some point in the not too distant future.

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Ever since broadband internet speeds reached appropriate levels to allow large files to be downloaded over the course of an hour or so; people have been sharing media files across the world. Torrenting has become a major player in the media download market but there have been some concerns over its legality due to copyright laws – is there a way around these restrictions?

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The desire to get easy money from the machines experiences all gamblers from time to time, even if they are playing in live casino. Someone prefers to play, and someone, as a Russian hacker Denis Nikrash decides to seize the money by a dishonest way. Try online casino games without any fraudsters behind your back.

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Usually, this information is hidden from gamblers. And sometimes it is right there, but people do not pay attention. Even casino live online works on a profit that receives from the gamblers. It is the well-known fact. And if the gambler misses all the signs, the live dealer casino games will be hard for him to win. And we suggest you the perks that can …

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Should you listen to your intuition while you are going to make a bet? Let’s just say, it makes no sense to do both: to completely decline this knowledge, switching it of (every bettor once in his career has said like “and in fact I wanted to make this bet!” or “Well, I felt that they will win”), or to immediately rush make a bet. When you are trying to win …

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Betting is fun and for the vast majority of people, it is also harmless and – particularly with the help of the internet – has bled into the world of television. I actually find this strange, for the most part, but television betting is actually becoming pretty big business for many bookies. Here are the strange ways people bet on TV and a couple of interesting …

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With a licence to kill, a country to save, baddies to beat and girls to bed, everybody loves a good James Bond movie. Here, then, are our top five James Bond Movies.

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By now you’ve probably heard the hype about the latest major Netflix original. You’ve seen people freaking out about it on social media, you’ve read Buzzfeed posts about the cast members, and you’ve probably had at least a couple of friends make the recommendation: you just have to watch Stranger Things.

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