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As we continue down the industry precursor path, the race is appearing to crystallize. Damien Chazelle won the DGA and The Jungle Book dominated the Visual Effects Society Awards. The Cinematographers offered something of a surprise, handing their top prize to Lion’s Greig Fraser.

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After what seemed like months of waiting, they came like a flash. The triad of major industry precursor awards all came and went within a span of eight days, leaving an impression on the race that is significant, though not surprising. It’s that time during the season where our initial impressions are either confirmed or upended, and the …

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With the PGA, SAG, and ACE awards handed out, a handful of Oscar categories are starting to crystallize. And yet others still seem fluid, not least of all Best Actor, which has as many as three potential winning contenders, though only one of them can claim to have won a major industry prize thus far: Denzel Washington.

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We’ve barely had any time to digest this week’s announcement of the 89th Oscar nominations, and already we are on the brink of knowing the results of two of the three major industry guild awards. Tonight, the Producers Guild of America will hold its annual ceremony, leading up to the announcement of of this …

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Five months down, one month to go, and only for the first time do we officially know the field we have to work with. Nominations for the 89th Oscars were officially announced this morning, in a “live-stream” of recorded testimonials that felt like an infomercial, occasionally punctuated with the swiftest disconnected robo-announcement of nominees …

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