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Usually, this information is hidden from gamblers. And sometimes it is right there, but people do not pay attention. Even casino live online works on a profit that receives from the gamblers. It is the well-known fact. And if the gambler misses all the signs, the live dealer casino games will be hard for him to win. And we suggest you the perks that can …

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Should you listen to your intuition while you are going to make a bet? Let’s just say, it makes no sense to do both: to completely decline this knowledge, switching it of (every bettor once in his career has said like “and in fact I wanted to make this bet!” or “Well, I felt that they will win”), or to immediately rush make a bet. When you are trying to win …

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Five months down, one month to go, and only for the first time do we officially know the field we have to work with. Nominations for the 89th Oscars were officially announced this morning, in a “live-stream” of recorded testimonials that felt like an infomercial, occasionally punctuated with the swiftest disconnected robo-announcement of nominees …

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The 89th Academy Awards nominations were historic on several fronts. La La Land tied the all-time record for most nominations, garnering 14 total nods. There were six people of color nominated across the four acting categories.

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Inferno (Sony Home Entertainment) is the third installment of the franchise based on Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code. This time around, Robert Langdon (Tom Hanks) wakes up in a Florence hospital room with a head wound and amnesia. He doesn’t know why he’s in Italy or what caused his injury. When a female assassin shows up at the hospital, Langdon and his doctor, Sienna Brooks (Felicity Jones), make ….

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Just under five months ago, this odyssey began as almost all other Oscar odysseys begin: with a dominant frontrunner jumping out of the gate amid the three-headed monster of the fall festival circuit. In La La Land’s case, it played all three. The fall circuit is the breeding ground for Best Picture winners, and it has become increasingly prominent in recent years – you have to go back five years to find a Best Picture winner that didn’t premiere on the fall circuit (in 2011, The Artist started its run in Cannes), and La La Land ticked off all three boxes, premiering at Venice and then playing Telluride and Toronto. Ever since, the season has revolved around Damien Chazelle’s film.

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11 days and counting. The industry has provided nearly as wide a swath of interdisciplinary opinion as we can expect. Now we wait only on the Academy. And it’s not as though there are any late-breaking developments that can impact the results over the next week-and-a-half, since nomination voting for AMPAS members closes today.

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