TV Recap: Vikings Season 1 - Episode 8 - ‘Sacrifice’


While the previous episode was full of fighting and anger, this is more of sadness and takes a serious tone.  Less laughing and more straight faces.

It is so sad that Ragnar wants to have a son, with all of his might, and feels in some way it is for whatever reason something he is doing wrong, when it is just the way that things are. Ragnar tells his wife, when she asks if he is happy to be going to Uppsala that he is actually not because  they ‘take with one hand and give with another’.  Clearly he is still upset that his wife had a miscarriage with their son and is not happy that the opportunity for a kid may not come again. When they reach Uppsala , it is quite beautiful from the distance, with a waterfall glistening in the sunlight.

Blood-like substance is placed on their foreheads. They are looking at numerous statues of different Gods.  Ragnar’s wife is shown to have great love for him, saying to the Gods that she wants a son, regardless if the God decides to make her blind or deaf.  This shows how strong their relationship is to each other. Even Ragnar tells the God he will offer a sacrifice for the God, if he will have a God. Ragnar asks ‘who’ will bear him his son, placing the blame now on his wife. This cannot be good.

References to women ‘making a sandwich’ so to speak lead into that they are their to only perform duties and services for men. Even Floki goes on to say ‘ I am always hungry , but not always for food.’  I am going to just euphonize it and say he means a hunger for knowledge. Though I doubt he means that at all.

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I feel quite empathetic for Ragnar, that trying so hard for something that is not meant to be, is something that we can all relate to. No matter what it is, there is always something for each of us, that is beyond our control, that we have to learn to let go.  At the end of the festival is when the sacrifices are to be made to the Gods, but for now they are to celebrate.

With nine of every kind of animal, it seems a bit odd (pun intended if you find them amusing). Ragnar says that it is for ‘all the humans that have been chosen.’

During the night, drinking ensues and vision becomes blurred for those who cannot hold their licquor. The scene painted is a raw depiction of pure pleasures being fulfilled. Everyone having a good time. No one thinking about the concequences.

Ragnar’s daughter becomes a woman and is no longer a child. This happens when she tells her mother that she is bleeding. Interesting that Vikings would point out something like this. Though, it is more that likely to show that her children are growing up and that she is running out of time if she wants to have a son for Ragnar.

After the wild night, a trespasser drops a bird on them and they go on the defensive. But what they did not realize that it was a King Horik  that they were getting all upset about. But apparently , according to Ragnar and his chat with the King Horik  that he killed his entire family , just for the power.  Ragnar says that he will service the King Horik .  Ragnar, wants in return that he join forces so they can send more power against the west. They agree to work together, the King Horik  more excited for what will be written in history books in the future.

Meanwhile, Siggy asks Rollo, how many women he has been with. He asks her to stop nagging him and that he will change for no one. She says that they came together, referencing the two of them. He says they came together as in the entire group. Rollo clearly sees it as an open relationship, meanwhile Siggy is making commitments he has no intention to. He even has the nerve to say ‘one day I will become a great man, and you will regret leaving me because I sleep with other women.’ Actually Rollo, you are not even with her as far as I’m concerned, or she will be for that matter.  Disgusting. Bye.

She knew that his brother had already met with the King Horik , and withheld the information because she knew he was cheating on her. Cue Carrie Underwood’s song Before He Cheats.  Ragnar and the King Horik have a few drinks. The King Horik  wants to make use of his skills ASAP. Ragnar does not give him a straight response.

Althestan is questioned and asked to say three times that he does not believe in Jesus Christ.  It’s not even a paralell, it’s ridiculously close to the same thing that happened in the Bible to Peter. Except there was not a rooster crow. And it is true denial, because on his hand lies a bracelet with a cross. Then he just runs. Why run? He already proved he was a coward my denying his beliefs.

Someone must sacrifice themselves, or the Gods will take their anger out on all of them.  Floki was going to volunteer but his woman does not let him. That get’s an ‘aww’ from me. So one of the others says that if the Gods accept his sacrifice it would be an honour to him.


  • * Does Ragnar value his relationship with his wife anymore ?
  • * Why specifically nine of every animal ?
  • * What are the King’s plan’s for Ragnar ?
  • * Is Althestan a Christian or not ?
  • * Are Siggy and Rollo even an item anymore ?

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  • Bryan Murray

    This was a very interesting episode since it shows the old religion with a great deal of accuracy