TV Recap: Hemlock Grove Season 1 - Episode 3 - ‘The Order of the Dragon’



Hemlock Grove is a great show in it’s continuity, making sure not to leave out any piece of the hairy puzzle. The novelist girl wanders into the woods, sees a black hole beneath a tree.  She comes to a stop and drops her things when she sees a dead naked body.  For whatever reason that teens play pranks, she thought this was another one and doesn’t even believe it is real.

Meanwhile Olivia’s ex is interrogating the man who sees things, the same that Roman and his cousin saw in the woods.

The novelist girl goes to give it CPR as a joke and upon their lips touching she realizes that it is dead.  Her eyes move to the squirming worms at the base of what was left of the dead girl’s body.

It appears that the girl in the woods, was indeed killed by Peter, as he comes back home in the morning and Roman appears to have stayed the night at his place, after his changing.

Peter says that when he was out,  there was a bad scent and that no one else aside from Roman and his mom are allowed to know what Peter is.  Roman makes an oath to Peter and his mom that he wont say anything, but from Roman’s track record, who really knows if he will keep his promise.

Also, the ourobouros symbol appears seemingly out of nowhere on Roman’s white t shirt.   When Peter asks about this, Roman just says its a long story, therefore, not explaining this for reasons other that it is long.  We are soon told, as the audience that this was all just a dream  and it is all a dream and wolf-eye flashes and Peter waking up shows this.

Police are alerted that their is another dead body.

A woman  wakes up tired, with a similar necklace to Peter.   Maybe he didn’t kill the girl in the woods because she might just be a werewolf too.  She just walked out of bed of a woman, as if they just had sex, and the one in bed says ‘ Why do i do this to myself, all you know what to do is take.’  I will let you use you judge what she means for yourselves. I am quite disturbed by this, but still want to know if this woman is the one who has been doing the killing this entire time.  She did seem more tired than Peter.

And looking at this information now, it is interesting to note the following.  The first girl that died, was meeting her teacher that left her a note in her book , who was also a woman.  This seems to lead to women werewolves killing other women. Kind of odd.

The new woman speaks with a priest.

She is apparently from visual wildlife service.  There’s a badge for that. Police notes that they are showing her in the car, say that it is a possible wolf attack.  This feels like foreshadowing that she is looking at it, as if it is a wolf attacking and she is that wolf.

At the school, guys are making fun of Romans sister.  They say they were just asking her questions , but obviously they were being disrespectful.  Roman gets the two guys to kiss each other on the lips.  Which is great ridicule and embarrassment for them.

Peter eventually, more than likely because he knows that he is a suspect, works with Roman to try and find out who is the one that is doing all of the killings.


  • * Why is it all females that have died so far ?
  • * What is the meaning behind Peter’s dream ?
  • * Where is Olivia trying to go with everything ? What are her true wants and needs ?
  • * How will Peter and Roman find out who is behind all of this ?
  • * Who is the person or being that Peter smelled in the woods ?

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