TV Recap: Revenge Season 2 - Episode 21 & 22 - ‘Truth’

By Caleb Woods


The season 2 finale of Revenge should’ve been called “Cliffhangers.” This 2-part episode ended with numerous cliffhangers. By the time the episode was over, multiple story arcs were unleashed and several plot lines dangled in the wind, left open. I certainly hope the season 3 premiere picks up right where this episode left off and doesn’t pull another “6 months later” or anything. Just like how the season 1 finale revolved around a bomb, this finale did also.

I’ll start off by saying…Emily is getting on my nerves. She went to the Hamptons to cause others pain, but she’s only doing harm to herself and those she loves. This is why I like Aiden. Emily needs a stable, level-headed partner. When will it be enough? Is Jack, Nolan, Aiden, Charlotte, etc. all going to have to die before Emily realizes that what she’s doing isn’t worth it? It’s beginning to be a bit of a stretch, but I’m still invested. Despite the beginning of this season starting off slow, the final episodes ended with a bang – literally.

After the blackout ends, all the main characters are scattered throughout the city. While Declan and Charlotte’s “friend” Regina are trapped in the front doors of the bank, things become clearer. Declan notices that Regina has a downloaded video of her and Charlotte making out (This is from their night out when the paparazzi caught them). Declan realizes that Regina is interested in Charlotte. Declan gets angry and throws a garbage can at the door – which bruises his hand. I had no clue that the bruise on his hand would come back into play later in the episode. Regina is crazy. She ultimately bruises her head purposefully in order to make it look as if Declan hit her. This causes distrust by Charlotte and eventually leads Declan searching for her throughout the entire episode. It is never revealed why Declan went to Grayson Global, but I assume it’s because he was looking everywhere for Charlotte. Declan’s death comes as a surprise and I’m not sure how I feel about it yet. I didn’t love his character, but I honestly liked him better than Jack. Jack’s character development has been all over the place. I’m anxious to see what Jack does next. Will he hate Emily forever or will her join her in the quest for revenge?

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As the episode progressed, I felt sure that Ashley was going to be the big death everyone was talking about – especially after Conrad caught onto her. I would really love to see Ashley get a bigger role and possibly join Emily. I also think it would be fun to see Ashley as a “bad” guy. Since Jack and Ashley have gotten close this season, maybe next season she will join him in his efforts – whatever they may be.

Victoria continues her reign in this episode. I’m beginning to think that it’s second nature to her to put others down and not think twice. What she says to Declan was absolutely horrible. I’m anxious to see if Victoria shows any remorse over her last words to him. Also – why didn’t she wake Charlotte up and tell her about Declan? She told Charlotte, “Just know that I love you. We’ll talk in the morning.” Who does that? I think Declan’s death will send Charlotte over the edge again. We already know how fragile she is. Now that she’s pregnant, I wonder if all the stress will cause her to have a miscarriage. Bringing another baby into the show might be overkill.

As far as Victoria’s long lost son is concerned, we must not know his identity yet. Aiden is the only one who I suspected, but Victoria wouldn’t have been as shocked as she was had it been Aiden. Clearly, it’s someone we haven’t met you. I’m guessing that we’ll find out his identity next season. His role in the grand scheme of things might be interesting.

It was unclear how Aiden managed to get released from custody after trying to cross the Canadian border. We see him tell Daniel later that he was released because they realized he was innocent. Daniel and Aiden have been at it for several episodes and we finally got to see them duke it out. Aiden wins, of course. After Aiden knocks him down, Daniel sees a gun lying on the floor. The next thing we know, Daniel is walking into his dad’s room asking him for a clean shirt. The camera then shows a bloodstain on Daniel’s sleeve. I certainly hope he didn’t shoot Aiden. I honestly don’t believe he did. I think this was just a red herring and the blood on his shirt was just from being knocked over by Aiden.

Nolan has had it rough this season. At the end of the episode, we see him being arrested. Obviously he’s innocent, but we’ll have to wait until next season to find out the fallout. The police show Nolan a video of Padma in which she basically throws Nolan under the bus. I was as in shock as Nolan. Is she still alive? Was this video recorded before her death? It seems obvious that she was forced to say those things before she died. There was just a lot left open-ended, so it’s hard to be sure.

Overall, this season finale was great. It was emotional and full of action. It will definitely be hard to wait for the premiere of season 3. I hope ABC has a better way to air the episodes this year. All the breaks between episodes did a great bit of damage to this season. However, ratings are still better than other shows. I look forward to the character development in the next season.


  • * How will Charlotte react once she finds out the news of Declan’s death? Will she keep the baby?
  • * Will Charlotte go on a revenge kick against Regina? Will Charlotte find out that her father was behind the bombing?
  • * Did Daniel shoot Aiden?
  • * Will Nolan get out of jail?
  • * Will Jack be upset with Emily or will he join her quest for revenge?
  • * Should Emily run away with Aiden and leave it all behind?
  • * Who is Patrick? How will Victoria react now that he’s a part of her life again?

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