TV Recap: Revenge Season 2 - Episode 20 - ‘Engagement’

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Despite the beginning of season 2 being slow, Revenge is now picking up the pace. These last few episodes have brought back the feel of season 1, which is a good thing. I love the dynamic between Emily and Victoria. I really missed that at the start of the season. This episode had many story arcs that will hopefully all come together by the time the finale airs.

First of all, I loved the opening scene. Why does Emily want to go away with Daniel to Paris? Also, I loved the life size chessboard that surrounded them. This is very ironic – Emily’s whole life like a game of chess. She’s knocking out pawns here and there, but her ultimate goal is king Conrad and queen Victoria. I thought it was hilarious that Victoria is getting all sorts of letters from people claiming to be her long lost son. Since Victoria is full of money, no wonder people are trying to exploit the situation. Victoria is less than thrilled that Emily and Daniel are supposedly moving to Paris.

I really wanted Aiden and Daniel to get into a physical altercation instead of just yelling at one another. I cannot stand the smug look on Daniel’s face constantly. He thinks he is so much better than everyone. He’s just like his parents. It’s pretty annoying. I wish Emily could find a better way to get back at the Grayson’s than be with Daniel. Team Aiden all the way. Also, what is Takeda’s problem? I’m glad Aiden killed him after he just attacked Aiden out of nowhere. I think Aiden is a good influence for Emily. In fact, I’m THRILLED that he pressed the button at the end of the episode. This is the kind of intensity that this show has been lacking.

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Charlotte’s unraveling is interesting. Is she just so upset over Amanda’s death? Is that why she’s acting crazy? I love all the scenes with Emily and Charlotte. I really wish Emily could tell her the truth. I thought it was nice that Emily wants Charlotte to be her maid of honor. Despite Emily’s vengeful nature, she’s very kind deep down. I almost want to tell her to just let it all go and move on with her life. But then we wouldn’t have a show, now would we?

The camera shot of Victoria closing the sliding doors was excellent. So creepy – yet classy. I was surprised that Jack gave her the information about Conrad seeing the governor’s wife. Even though they aren’t having an affair, she’s still helping him try to win the election by doing things under the table. I’m not sure of Emily’s intentions with Conrad’s election. Does she want him to win and then take him down afterward?

I would be careful talking with Edith if I were Nolan. Even though she’s in jail, I feel as if she has the smarts to find a way out. She gives Nolan a riddle about where to find information. Nolan goes to the arcade and eventually finds what he’s looking for. After this is over, Nolan then goes to attend the engagement party at Emily’s house.

While at the engagement party, several things happen. I loved Victoria’s line to Emily, “I know what a woman in love looks like and it’s not you. Not before and not now.” Victoria is the only one who can see right through Emily. I look forward to them duking it out – hopefully more so in the finale. During the party, Daniel gets a call from Charlotte – she’s been arrested. Later, Charlotte reveals to Daniel that she is pregnant. This is very unexpected. As for Jack and Emily, I feel at this point it would be impossible for them to get together. I don’t see Jack ever forgiving Emily for all the horrible things she has done. And once he finds out the truth about her, I don’t think he’ll ever be able to recover from the truth.

The ending of the episode was fantastic. I loved the blackout of the entire city. All of the characters are randomly spread throughout the city too. This will definitely make the 2-hour finale quite interesting. Judging from the previews for the finale, it looks like it will be very intense. Hopefully it will end with a bang. It will be hard to top the season 1 finale, but I have faith that there will be plenty to speculate over during the hiatus. If ABC isn’t stupid, they’ll renew this series. ABC needs to quit creating trashy reality shows and crime investigation shows. They should start focusing on their hits – Revenge and Once Upon A Time. They need to put more effort into these shows if they want them to last. They’ve almost destroyed both of these great shows during their second seasons.


  • * What will everyone think about Charlotte being pregnant?
  • * How far will Jack go to get his revenge?
  • * Will Emily and Daniel go to Paris?
  • * What will be the fallout of the blackout and the Graysons ‘going bankrupt?
  • * What will be the fallout with Takeda’s death?

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