TV Recap: Revolution Season 1 - Episode 19 - ‘Children of Men’

By Caleb Woods


Revolution’s penultimate episode “Children of Men” is one of the best episodes this season. As we gear up for the finale next week, this episode set several things in motion. Just in the first season, Revolution has answered several of the biggest mysteries surrounding the show. The acting, character development, and plot continue to be superb. Revolution has come a long way since the first few episodes of the season.

I was slightly disappointed in the beginning of the episode. Since the last episode ended with such a cliffhanger revolving Rachel and the grenade, I felt sure she or Monroe would be injured in some way. Even though the beginning was a let down, the rest of the episode made up for it. Once Rachel is captured, Monroe uses her to get into the Tower. Upon entering, Rachel, Monroe, Randall, and several soldiers are ambushed. We find out that they’re using electromagnetic blasters to blow people up. Rachel runs to open a bunker door and before she can shut it, Monroe barges in as well. It seems that Randall was killed, but we never saw a death scene or a body. If he’s dead, I’ll be disappointed. They built his character up this whole season, so I think he needs a proper exit. Regardless, he wasn’t a favorite of mine so I’m glad he’s gone.

Rachel and Monroe spend a majority of the episode locked in the bunker. Rachel goes on to say that it’s a Vice President bunker used by Cheney. The chemistry between Monroe and Rachel is great. I’d love for them to have more scenes together. In this episode, we actually see Monroe break down and actually saves people. He doesn’t harm Rachel and ends up saving Aaron and Charlie from a soldier later in the episode. Rachel eventually sees Charlie and company on a monitor screen. She then opens the gun compartment and they go to rescue Charlie.


When Miles and everyone get to the Tower, Neville and Jason are left outside when the Tower doors close. Neville and Jason spend the episode tied up in a soldier’s tent. Neville works his magic however, and convinces a soldier to set them free. Neville admits that Monroe is insane and that it’s time to overthrow him. Neville wants to be the new leader.

After Monroe saves Charlie and Aaron, he goes back to face Miles and Nora. We already know what happened the last time Monroe and Miles faced one another. Will Miles be able to pull the trigger this time? I almost think that Monroe’s character is being set up for redemption. He mentions his son again in this episode. I feel like they’ll create a storyline next season for Monroe to find out who his son is.

The people in the Tower catch Rachel, Aaron, and Charlie. To Rachel’s surprise, Grace shows up. Grace is now working with the people in the Tower. There’s a fairly large group of people living there and they’ve been there for a while. They explain at the end of the episode that they’re living there to protect level 12. Apparently, level 12 is where the power can be turned back on. When they find Aaron’s notebook, they immediately grab it from him and lights it on fire. Rachel and Aaron are upset, but Grace reveals that even Rachel knows why they must. Grace says to Rachel, “Tell him. Tell them what will happen when you flip the switch.” Rachel responds with, “The chances of that are 1 in a billion.” Grace then goes on to explain that if she turns the power on, the world can be saved or it will be set on fire. The flaming notebook is shown and then the episode ends.

I was shocked to find out that “the world can be set on fire,” but it makes sense. The lady who gave Aaron and Rachel the notebook saved them once by setting soldiers on fire from the inside. This could possibly be foreshadowing. I guess it’s possible that all the nannites in the air could ignite, thus setting the earth on fire. I like where this is heading, but I’m clueless for where it will end. The finale looks intense. I have a feeling that Nora may bite the dust. Just like they killed Maggie before meeting Rachel, I think the writers won’t want to deal with a love triangle. Now that Rachel is back in the picture, it makes sense that they’ll get rid of Nora. I like her character, but I like Rachel more.

David Lyons and Elizabeth Mitchell’s acting in this episode was phenomenal. I could feel the tension between them when they were locked in the bunker. They have great chemistry and I’m looking forward to them having more scenes together. I thought this episode went by quickly because I was on the edge of my seat the entire time. The first season of Revolution has been great and I can’t wait to see what the finale brings to the table.


  • * Will Rachel and company succeed in turning the power back on or will the world set on fire?
  • * Is Randall really dead?
  • * Will Miles and Monroe kill one another? Can they forgive?
  • * Will Monroe start a path to redemption?
  • * Will Neville successfully take over the militia? Will he become bad or continue to work with Miles?
  • * Will Jason follow his dad or try to find Charlie?
  • * Are the people in the Tower really good? What is their motive?

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