TV Recap: Revolution Season 1 - Episode 15 - ‘Home’

By Caleb Woods


This episode had a central theme – the past. Many of the characters wrestled with their pasts in this episode. While Aaron briefly reunited with his lover whom he abandoned all those years ago, Miles and Monroe dealt with a love triangle that was years old. I must say, there wasn’t near enough Elizabeth Mitchell in this episode. The scenes she was in were great, however.

The episode featured the usual battles and fights between the rebels and the Monroe Republic. The opening scene was unique – it featured fight scenes that occurred just minutes before we see our heroes. Miles is having a type of flashback, remembering all the people he killed that day. Is this the beginning of psychological torment over the effects of war?

I’m still not sure how I feel about the casting choices for young Miles, Monroe, and Emma. Young Monroe could be pulled off, but the others? Not so much. The Miles/Monroe/Emma love triangle was interesting. It was nice learning about their past so far before the blackout. Clearly, they go back a long way. Even though they’ve been friends for a long time, there still seems to be some animosity between the two even when they were in school. Not to mention, Emma cheated on Miles with Monroe. The most shocking scene in this episode is when Emma revealed to Monroe that she had a son – and it was his. This of course happens while he’s holding her at gunpoint so that Miles will surrender.


Earlier in the episode, we learn that Emma still has feelings for Monroe. She even goes to his sister’s and parent’s grave to lie flowers there. How did his family get killed anyway? Will we ever find out? By the end of the episode, the love triangle is no more because Emma is shot and killed. I sort of figured this would happen – she was kind of a throwaway character. I didn’t really care about her. However, the situation was still tragic. Although, she did have several good lines with Monroe. I loved when she told Monroe, “I know that you loved me once. I loved you too. There has to still be a part of you that’s you - that is kind, and decent.” The scene was very well acted. I love how Monroe responded with, “You’ve got a kind heart Emma. You see the best in people. You see the best in me. I want to be the best that you knew – I wasn’t to be him so badly, you have no idea. But he’s dead.”

Aaron’s story is also heartbreaking. He left her all those years ago for a completely stupid reason and now he wants to be back in her life. He does the honorable thing and saves her from her kidnapper. Priscilla still refuses his advances and eventually tells him that she now has a family of her own. She even has children. This is hard for Aaron to take in. When Aaron tries to apologize for leaving her behind, she tells him, “It’s okay. It turned out alright.” Before she leaves, she tells him one last goodbye, “I love you. I always will. Don’t worry about me anymore.” Hopefully this is enough closure for Aaron, but he will still always have to live with the fact that he left her during the blackout.

In the final scene, it is revealed that Georgia’s president is recruiting captain Neville to work alongside Miles to defeat the Monroe Republic. I noticed that Neville and his family wasn’t in the episode, which I thought was odd. Once I saw the end of the episode, I knew that he was being set up for something much bigger. It will be interesting seeing how Neville and Miles work together. Obviously, there’s going to be some hesitation and conflict.


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