TV Recap: Revolution Season 1 - Episode 17 - ‘The Longest Day’

By Caleb Woods

After last week’s episode, I was very worried about Rachel. When electricity and power can be used, a broken leg isn’t a big deal. But when there is no electricity, a broken leg could possibly mean the end for you – especially when militia troops are all over the place. However, we are reminded of the small capsule that Rachel cut out of Danny after his death. The capsule not only healed Danny, but now Rachel is well. Aaron helps insert the capsule into Rachel’s leg and it heals instantly. This seems like a slight overreach, but I’ll let it slide since it healed my favorite character. Actually, Elizabeth Mitchell is my favorite actress. From Juliet to Rachel, she embodies so many great qualities and characteristics. You can always see her emotions on her face.

Monroe is no longer playing around. He sends in an airstrike to kill Miles’ team and the Georgia Federation. After the strike, Charlie and Jason are both missing. Charlie is buried under rubble, while Jason is badly injured. As Miles, Nora, and Neville work together to find them, they run across Jason first. Neville then stays behind to take care of him. I’m actually surprised by Neville in this episode. I didn’t want to punch him in the face. He actually took care of his son. Neville actually takes a bullet in his arm to protect Jason.

While Nora and Miles go after Charlie, troops are swarming around everywhere. At the beginning of the episode, Nora gets out of bed with Miles and says, “This was a mistake. Odds are one of us is going to watch the other one die. So why make it harder?” This comes back into play later in the episode. While trying to get to Charlie, Nora and Miles talk once again with Nora stating, “I don’t want to lose you too. I don’t want to watch you die.” Miles then tells her that he’s not leaving Charlie behind for dead because he once left Rachel behind as well. Nora, in an emotional state, gets up and runs right into the firing squad, causing a distraction for Charlie to be saved. Through Nora’s sacrifice, Miles is left upset, but Charlie is alive.

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The most intriguing part of this episode were the flashbacks. I’ve been waiting to see more flashbacks of Rachel and Miles. We finally find out that she basically left her husband and kids to protect them – not to abandon them. As for Miles and their history together, they refer to it as “a cheap, ugly fling.” At one point, Rachel actually tells him that she regrets it. As the flashback continues, we see the beginnings of Rachel possibly being tortured and a prisoner.

The scene between Monroe and Jeremy (aka Jacob from LOST) was amazing. The acting was great and the scene pained me to watch. Monroe has went off the deep end and by killing Jeremy, he solidified this. However, when Monroe finds out that he killed the wrong man, we see him get emotional. Despite his terrible and horrible acts of violence he has caused, he’s still a human being on the inside. Clearly, his anger and lust for revenge and power are blinding him. He’s now willing to kill his only friend. I’m interested to see where his story is going. Will they take him down a path of redemption and introduce another “bad” guy or will he continue his reign of terror?

Aaron’s character is getting old. Obviously, Rachel will do anything to survive and get to the Tower, but Aaron doesn’t understand the importance just yet. Rachel finally has to tell him, “We can’t save every sick boy.” Even though this may come back to haunt them, it’s true. They can’t stop along the way and save every single person with the capsule. In order to truly save everyone, they must get to the Tower. Aaron needs to focus on the main goal here and realize the consequences if they don’t make it to the Tower.

Overall, I enjoyed the episode. I liked the kiss between Jason and Charlie. There’s been some attraction between the two since the very beginning. I’m anxious to see where this relationship goes. I don’t think Neville approves of this since he gives them an angry look when he sees them kissing. He’s not a fan of Charlie after all the trouble that she’s caused him. It came to a surprise to find out Georgia’s president is going to surrender. Does this mean that Miles and company will go elsewhere for help?


  • * What will happen to Nora now that she’s captured?
  • * Will Rachel and Aaron make it to the Tower?
  • * What lies ahead for Jason and Charlie?

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