TV Recap: Revolution Season 1 - Episode 16 - ‘The Love Boat’

By Caleb Woods


Things are beginning to really heat up on Revolution. There’s tons of action, passion, and twists throughout every episode. This episode kept me on the edge of my seat. It is definitely one of my favorites. Even though each episode features an adventure or some sort, my interest still remains strong. I’m beginning to be really invested in these characters.

The Rachel and Aaron storyline in this episode was quite intense. When people are hungry, they’ll do crazy things. Rachel and Aaron haven’t eaten in 4 days when they stumble upon what’s called the Thompson Tribal Islands – The Plains Nation. When Rachel and Aaron steal some food, a man eventually chases after them and holds them at gunpoint. Without hesitation, badass Rachel pulls out the gun Miles gave her and shoots him. Has it really taken 16 episodes for Rachel to have a gun?

As they’re running away, Rachel falls down a hill and breaks her leg. Breaks her leg, as in part of the bone is literally sticking out of her leg. Aaron carries her to an abandoned vehicle. Elizabeth Mitchell’s acting is always flawless. I could feel her pain. When she desperately asks Aaron to go on without her, he ultimately refuses. When two guys find them, Rachel once again becomes a badass. She kills both men (with a little help from Aaron).

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Near the end of the episode, Rachel reveals why she wants Aaron to go on without her – he’s important. She shows him the journal. A huge twist comes when we find out that Aaron’s picture is actually in the journal. There is a newspaper clipping of him. Aaron asks, “What do I have to do with any of this?” Before we can get this answer, a new scene cuts in. I guess we’ll find out in the next episode – hopefully.

The team of Miles/Charlie/Nora/Neville/Jason just can’t seem to work together – and for a good reason. Throughout the episode, Miles and Neville butt heads numerous times. Neville and Jason share a few words, but they both still hate each other. Also, I’m sick of Neville punching people. In this episode, he punched both Charlie and Jason. I wish someone would beat the crap out of Neville so that he would shut up for a second. This character is annoying.

Anyways, this team bands together to stop a man from producing anthrax for the Monroe Republic. They set sail on a fishing vessel. Once they capture the man, it becomes a question of morality. Miles is willing to do whatever it takes to beat Monroe. Charlie and Nora won’t cross certain lines just to win. Eventually, Charlie, Jason, and Nora all get the best of Neville and Miles in order to let the man and his family escape. While escaping, a shootout ensues and Neville is left behind. The others don’t seem to care, however. They don’t even bat an eye.

At the end of the episode (2 days later), Neville comes storming into Miles’ room with a gun. Charlie quickly points a gun at Neville. Miles tells Neville, “You won’t find him because I’m smarter than you.” Neville threatens to take the Georgia troops back, but Mils quickly shuts this option down by saying, “I’m winning. More battles all the time. At the end of the day, what do you think Foster cares more about? Your pride or a win?” I’m glad Neville is finally put him into his place. Neville leaves after giving Jason an “I hate you” look.

After this, Miles returns to his room. Miles is surprised to find Nora standing there – in her underwear. She goes over to him and what happens next is left up to the imagination. How many girls does Miles love? He lost his childhood lover in the last episode, he kissed Rachel before she left, and now he’s having sex with Nora. Where does his heart truly belong?

In the final moments of the episode, we see Grace Beaumont. Honestly, I totally forgot about her. I don’t even remember the last time we’ve seen her. I knew she was being kept hostage, but they haven’t mentioned her in quite sometime. We see her once again forced to work on a computer (finding/giving information to Flynn?). She’s trying to get an elevator to work. The man handcuffs Grace to the workstation. When the elevator finally works, her captor enters it. Apparently they’re trying to reach a certain level? The man enters the elevator and it starts. Oddly, the numbers go up, but the arrow is pointing down. We hear a loud scream and then the elevator opens. There is blood everywhere. Grace looks on in horror and the episode ends. What has happened?


  • * What is in the elevator? Will Grace be okay? Will she escape?
  • * How is Aaron connected with the journal and the blackout?
  • * Will Rachel survive her wound? (She better!)
  • * Will Neville and Miles continue to work together? Peacefully?
  • * Will Aaron leave Rachel behind or will they both continue their journey to the Tower?

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