TV Recap: Revolution Season 1 - Episode 18 - ‘Clue’

By Caleb Woods


First of all, I absolutely love the movie Clue. It is one of my all time favorites. Thus, I was looking forward to seeing this episode. However, the most interesting parts of the episode revolved around other things than the “murder mystery.” As far as most episodes go and with this episode in particular, Elizabeth Mitchell absolutely steals the show. The acting in Revolution is good across the board, but nobody can compete with Elizabeth Mitchell. I was a huge fan of hers in LOST and I have followed her work ever since.

The episode starts out very dark. Nora is basically tortured in every way possible for 21 days. On day 21, she is injected with a type of drug that causes her to hallucinate. Once this happens, she ends up telling Monroe everything. She tells him where Miles is, and where Rachel is heading. Usually I would blame a character for giving away so much information, but with Nora it is different. Clearly, she’s a strong female and held her own for 21 days. She didn’t break on day 1, 3, or 5. It took her almost a month before she even gave away any information. And even then, it was because of the drugs they injected her with. Part of me understands that this was a plot point in order for Aaron and Rachel to make it to the Tower faster, but I thought it was executed fairly well.

John, the scientist who used to work with Rachel and recently started helping Monroe, decides to turn over a new leaf and become a “good” guy again. He helps Nora escape and brings her back to Miles, Charlie, etc. It seems that over the 21 days, Jason and Charlie have become a lot closer. They’re kissing frequently and acting more intimate with one another. At first I wasn’t sure how I felt about this pairing. As time goes on however, I feel like Charlie needs someone her age. I think they could make a pretty badass team. Once Nora tells Miles that she told Monroe where Rachel was heading, they set out on a mission to go to the Tower.

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Neville, Jason, Miles, Charlie, Nora, John, Jim Hudson and two helicopter pilots head out to the Tower. The helicopter runs low on gas and they have to stop to re-fuel. While stopped, someone sabotages the helicopter engine and both helicopter pilots end up dead. The episode did a great job of creating motives for several of the characters. It was very unexpected when Jim Hudson is revealed to be the killer. As we later find out, Jim was trying to kill Miles and company so that his wife would be released. Apparently while Jim’s been absent the past few episodes, he finds out that his wife is being held hostage. Jim returns to Miles’ group in order to help his wife. It’s not a great plot because this has been used numerous times, but it works. After we find out who the killer is, a fight happens. Jim ends up shooting scientist John. While Miles and Jim fight, Jason gets a gun and shoots Jim. I wasn’t invested in these characters, so I really didn’t care when they died. I enjoyed the Clue storyline though.

The dynamic between Jason and Charlie quickly changed throughout the episode. Despite them being close at the beginning after spending 21 days together, things start to change once Miles and Charlie accuse him of being the killer. This really hurts Jason and at the end of the episode he tells Charlie, “I get it. I’ve lied to you before.” Hopefully they can work out the “trust” issues in the future. I would love to see them become a powerful couple.

Monroe is getting more and more ruthless. I really wish he would have killed Randall. Randall is an annoying character that I don’t enjoy watching. Monroe is now only keeping him alive in order to help him at the Tower. We only catch a glimpse of the Tower in this episode, but it’s not what you would expect. The Tower is basically a shelter underground. We catch a glimpse inside, but we only see a group of people from behind. Clearly, there’s more to the Tower than we thought. Also, is Grace there? Did she get killed in the last scene that we saw of her?

The highlights of the episode were definitely the scenes that featured Rachel and Aaron. As they make their way to the Tower, Rachel reveals to Aaron that she will kill Monroe. In order for Monroe to be killed, Rachel must sacrifice herself. Her plan is to walk into the camp where Monroe is and throw a grenade. While this happens and chaos ensues, Aaron is supposed to take the journal to the Tower and use the passcode in order to get inside. Sounds like a good plan – except I don’t want Rachel to die. I will be terribly upset if Elizabeth Mitchell leaves the show.

Anyways, Rachel strangles a militia member with her belt. Before he’s strangled to death, she actually ends up breaking his neck with the belt. After she uses her badass skills to kill this man, this puts on his uniform. During the night, she marches bravely into Monroe’s camp. At the end of the episode, she walks straight into his tent and quietly says “hey.” After a brief moment of realization from Monroe, he notices the grenade in her hands. Rachel then proceeds to release the pin. As the music swells, the episode abruptly ends. What is it with Elizabeth Mitchell ending television cliffhangers with explosive devices?

I hope that Rachel doesn’t die. A thought that came to mind is that even if she’s wounded, the capsule in her leg might heal her. If she’s injured, hopefully it won’t be bad enough that the capsule couldn’t fix it. I can’t imagine them killing off Rachel or Monroe. I think that somehow both will survive. I do think that Rachel deserves to kill Monroe. Even though Miles and Monroe used to be friends, it would be more poetic for Rachel to kill him. Monroe held her hostage for years and recently killed her son. Obviously, Rachel has it in her to kill him.


  • * What is the aftermath of the grenade explosion? Does Rachel throw it? Will Monroe or Rachel survive the blast?
  • * Will Aaron make inside the Tower?
  • *What is actually inside the Tower?
  • * Where is Grace?
  • * What will happen once Miles & co. reach the Tower?
  • * Will Charlie and Jason have more “trust” issues?
  • * What will become of Nora and Miles? Rachel and Miles?

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