TV Recap: Once Upon A Time Season 2 - Episode 20 - ‘The Evil Queen’

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When the episode is titled after the best character in the show, you know the episode is going to be good. Despite the overall disappointment of season 2, I enjoyed this episode. It wasn’t as good as “The Miller’s Daughter” or “The Queen is Dead” however. I’ve enjoyed almost every Evil Queen episode and this one was no different. Lana Parrilla is the best thing to happen to this show.

As for the Greg and Tamara plot, I really could care less. Although, I do have a theory about Tamara. We already know she is close with her grandmother. But, where is her mom? My guess is that her mom was Cinderella’s fairy godmother that Rumple killed back in season 1. Is she seeking revenge for her mother’s death? Hopefully we’ll find out within these last 2 episodes of the season. When Rumple tells Regina to cut off ties with King George, I knew instantly that this was part of the chain of events that Rumple caused, leading up to the curse.

Even though I love Lana Parilla as the Evil Queen, I would like her to redeem herself in some way so that a new villain can enter the picture. The writers have almost destroyed her character. Is she bad? Is she good? During the entire first half of the season, they put such focus on her finding redemption, only to destroy it in the next episode. I get that she can’t change overnight, but it’s exhausting. Hopefully something changes in the finale and she’ll be forced to work with Emma. Maybe they’ll eventually get along?

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Emma, Emma, Emma… Really? A stakeout and breaking into Tamara’s room? Seriously? For anyone who doubts Regina’s parenting skills, yet praises Emma’s, this episode is for you. Can we talk about her lame “superpower” for a minute? WHAT is with this? ANOTHER PLOT DEVICE. Could it be more obvious? Emma and her superpower of “sensing liars” is ridiculous. I’m glad Snow told her, “You’re superpower has been known to be unreliable when you’re emotional.” Is this some kind of explanation?

I enjoyed Hook and Regina working together. The fact that Regina hid a failsafe to the curse in Snow’s glass coffin was ironic. She puts it in the same place that her last curse failed? I’m still puzzled about Maleficent. Regina says, “There’s a powerful spell here which sustains her in whatever form she’s in.” So, Maleficent can turn into more than just a dragon? Her demon-like possessed self was quite creepy. I would love if they brought back her character. In the Disney movies, she’s the worst villain of them all. Surely, she’ll get a bigger role. Here’s hoping!

The flashback of Regina and Snow was enjoyable. I liked when Snow said, “I don’t think it’s too late for anyone.” It’s obvious that Regina struggles with what’s right and what’s wrong. You can tell that she really wants to change, but no one will overlook her past long enough to love her. And all the people who loved her are dead. I’m sure it’s like salt in the wound every time she sees Snow get her happy ending, knowing that she took hers away. Lana Parrilla and Ginnifer Goodwin’s acting in this episode was brilliant.

The end cliffhanger wasn’t great. A bracelet that absorbs magic by using technology? Greg and Tamara must really know what they’re doing. Regina just got magic back and now she loses it again. I loved the look on Snow and Charming’s face when they noticed that the bean field was burned down. Grumpy’s throwaway line of “No one steals from a dwarf” was super corny though.

All in all, one thing is clear – Lana Parrilla saves this show with her acting and her great portrayal of the Evil Queen. She is the only thing keeping this show alive. Despite the multiple plot holes and horrible dialogue at times, the show hangs on by the characters of the Evil Queen and Rumplestiltskin. Clearly, these two steal the show. I’m hoping that a lot of changes are made during the remaining 2 episodes of this season. I know a lot of people have given up on the show, but I’m still holding out. Let’s hope the finale has a big pay off! What did you think of the episode? Still enjoying the show? Disappointed by all the plot holes?


  • * Will Maleficent be back in other forms? Is she still alive?
  • * Will Regina ever find redemption? Will someone love her?
  • * What will be the fallout with Neal and Tamara?
  • * What is Greg and Tamara’s agenda? How are they taking magic away?
  • * Is Hook double-crossing them as well?
  • * Will Emma, Snow, & Charming rescue Regina?* Will Hook get his revenge?
  • * Did Regina burn down the bean field?
  • * Are we off to Neverland?

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