TV Recap: Once Upon A Time Season 2 - Episode 19 - ‘Lacey’

By Caleb Woods

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After what’s been a lackluster season, this episode didn’t help the series. However, nor did it harm it either. Season 2 of Once Upon A Time has been one of the worst seasons of television I’ve ever scene. After a wonderful and magical season 1, season 2 took a totally different turn and it keeps getting worse. There have only been 4 or 5 episodes this entire season that I’ve enjoyed and maybe 3 that were just okay. The rest? Simply put…terrible.

“Lacey” was an okay episode, but definitely not spectacular. The opening scene was actually quite terrifying and unexpected. Henry as a life-like porcelain statue being smashed into pieces was incredibly creepy. If this scene hadn’t been a dream sequence, I probably would’ve enjoyed it better. After killing off Cora (one of the most compelling characters) and Captain Hook being a total wimp, having Rumple kill Henry would’ve been the gut-wrenching action that needs to take place in order to pull this show out of the hole it has dug itself. However, I’m glad someone FINALLY told Regina that Rumple is Henry’s grandfather. The way this show handles adoption and family is despicable. It’s wrong to forgive Rumple of all his evil doings, but not forgive Regina for hers. I liked the coincidence/fate talk about the adoption that Regina and Rumple discussed.

The Robin Hood storyline was fun to watch, but he was only in about 8 minutes of the entire 42-minute span of the episode. Seeing Maid Marian was nice. Finding out she was pregnant was unexpected. It was obvious that they just threw in the Robin Hood storyline to further Rumplestiltskin’s story with Belle. Still, hearing the words like “Nottingham” and “Sherwood Forest” was cool.

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Snow and Charming’s theory of going back to Fairy Tale Land and starting over is ridiculous. Previously, every time Charming mentioned going back, Snow fought him on it and clearly didn’t want to go. Now all of a sudden she does? Do they not realize you can’t run away from your mistakes? Also, what kind of hat was Emma wearing? It looked like Snow dressed her. That hat was so ridiculous and so out-of-character for Emma. As far as Anton goes, he’s still annoying to me. Obviously Jorge Garcia acts the same in every role he plays (Hurley in LOST, for example). During this scene, Charming tells Emma, “Maybe you can have your happy ending if we go back to Fairy Tale Land.” Seriously? Do the writers have to force the characters to constantly say cheesy lines like this one? In the last episode, “Selfish, Brave, and True”, they said “redemption” like 10 times! You shouldn’t SAY it. You should SHOW it through the actions of the characters.

I highly enjoyed Belle’s evolution over the course of the episode. There were several times that she said the same thing in her flashback and in present day, but with a totally different meaning and emotion behind it. This was actually nice and entertaining. I loved the music featured throughout the episode. Some songs played at Granny’s and at the bar were great choices. Granny giving the stink eye to Grumpy and a Rumple throughout the episode was pretty funny as well.

My favorite line in the episode was from Belle was told Rumple, “You can’t tell what’s in a person’s heart until you truly know them.” This, was a great line and reminded me of all the great pieces of dialogue that season 1 delivered. One of my favorite scenes was when Rumple poured Belle a glass of wine and then she took the bottle and poured some more, almost overflowing the glass. I do find it hard rooting for Rumple and Belle when Regina has no one. Rumple has done far worse things….manipulating hundreds of people to get his son back. Regina is now basically doing the same thing to try and win Henry back. Why does Henry accept Rumple, yet loathe Regina? I’m beginning to think he’s just a plot device for Regina and that’s it. However, none of the characters are changing! There is a total lack of character development. It’s like the writers wanted to redeem Regina then decided not to. I’m sick of seeing Regina torn down every episode. Every episode it gets worse, so there’s no telling what will happen with the remaining 3 episodes this season.

The scene where Rumple rips out the sheriff of Nottingham’s tongue and hits him over and over with his cane was intense. Belle turned on by Rumple torturing him? This was very creepy. She’s definitely not the same Belle we’re used to! The episode ends with Regina finding the magic beans and Greg and Tamara bringing Hook back into Storybrooke. The Hook reveal wasn’t shocking to me. I figured this out from the beginning of the episode. All in all, the episode wasn’t terrible, but wasn’t wonderful either. It was definitely better than some episodes this season.


  • * Will Regina burn down the magic bean garden?
  • * Will Snow, Charming, and Emma take Henry to Fairy Tale Land without Regina?
  • * Will Rumple turn evil since Belle is attracted to that now?
  • * Will Belle get her real memories back?
  • * Even though Hook has proved to be all talk, will he actually become a powerful villain?
  • * Do you think Emma, Snow, and Charming are on their high horse? Should they still condemn Regina?
  • * Do you think Henry should continue to blame Regina? Should he blame Rumple?
  • * Do you want a change of scenery and for the characters to go back to Fairy Tale Land and leave Storybrooke behind?
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  • Sharon Ballon

    I have to say.. this was one of the better episodes. It just keeps U wondering what’s to come..

  • Buttons

    I second that , I have not enjoyed this season … I have actually stopped watching it… I miss how it was in season 1 :(

  • Buttons

    Once they Made snow white bad they totally lost it….