TV Recap: Hemlock Grove Season 1 - Episode 1 – ‘Jellyfish In The Sky’


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True Blood, Vampire Diaries and Twilight. All about the blood-sucking creatures. But what about those with a yearning for the shift-changer. That void is filled by Hemlock Grove. If you went through the entire Stephanie Meyer series, wearing a worn-out Team Jacob T-shirt, you have to get a Netflix account. Like yesterday.

The story moves back and forth between flashbacks and what is currently happening. This is a great concept for a pilot episode, especially with all of the unraveling of the new characters. A new gypsy kid in town is blamed for a murder of a teenage girl. Who seemingly went  to a remote loction, because of a flirty message that was left in her book by her teacher. Wow.

One girl who claims to be a novelist, attempts to strike up a friendship, or at least a conversation with the guy. He pretty much acts like a jerk the entire time, spitting out questions to her questions, or answering sarcastically when she asks him if he is a werewolf. Her reasoning : because his index and middle finger the same length. What ?

Famke Janssen, Roman’s mum, decides to rent out the entire amusement park in town, so that him and his cousin can go on all the rides without waiting in any lines. With a reference to his, it shows that Roman may have been, as an only child, been spoiled for his entire youth. Going shopping with his mum for new clothes not only shows his attachment to her wanting him to be a kid forever, but also that she’d like to still control his whereabouts and his thoughts.

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When Roman cuts his finger , it seems as though he would be a vampire, though history of his parent’s paints quite a confusing picture.  I thought the show would have been all about werewolves ? Though I am watching the shows one at a time, to keep some suspense, all of them are available on Netflix to watch as an insanely long movie ( or a TV show with no commercials. Which is amazing )

His motorcycle jacket and hairy face, smells like werewolf. His eyes, of a lighter shade reflecting off of his dark and thick haired self, parallel that with a wolf.  And of course his name is Peter. Kind of cliche but I’m ok with it.

Numerous jumpy moments, but no odd things coming through the top or bottom of the screen. Except for the sideways stop sign half-way through the episode.

Odd symbolism appears throughout such as a snake eating his own tail. This is also known as Ouroboros. This is a symbol of ancient times, even going back to Egypt, meaning eternity. Not too sure why they put this in so early, aside from the fact that werewolves change from night to day but are still one entity.

He states that he is a half breed. Some clues give this away, through flashbacks that Famke (X-Men‘s movie’s Jean Grey ) is the werewolf half. Kind of reminds you of that odd bad Bond Girl she played in GoldenEye. Or even more recent, her Witch role in Hansel and Gretel : Witch Hunters. Her eyes give off a sense of nurturing , but also , an odd feeling that she cannot be trusted.

She cheated on her husband with his brother, which makes everything even more confusing. Are her son and the gypsy boy step-brothers ?

This pilot is beyond raw in gore and sexuality. With shadows, blood and cinematic experiences, it is difficult to anticipate what is next approaching. Hemlock Grove draws you into the shimmering lights, of the lives of the mystical creatures that live among us. Hemlock Grove is your werewolf fantasy guilty pleasure.


  • * Who killed the teenage girl ?
  • * Why is everyone so wealthy ?
  • * Is the Gypsy kid a werewolf ?
  • * Is Olivia 100% human , or if not what is she exactly  ?
  • * Why is Norman so untrustworthy of the Doctor ?

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