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While studying business at Northeastern University for the last five years, I spent most of my free time watching as many films as I could. I scoured the NU library, Netflix and spent many days and nights at the Coolidge Corner Theatre. This past August, I co-founded the Northeastern University Film Enthusiasts’ Club’s blog. Now that I've graduated, you can find me in Seattle where I’ve just moved for my day job.

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Joe Berlinger, the Academy Award-nominated documentarian behind Paradise Lost and Some Kind of Monster, collaborated with CNN Films to make his newest film about Whitey Bulger and the recent legal proceedings surrounding his case. The film doesn’t cover much about Bulger’s personal history as a criminal, opting more to …

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With only two sets and three characters, writer/director Hugh Sullivan does everything he can with The Infinite Man to craft a complex time loop and fulfilling romantic story. He’s stupendously successful given the monetary limitations, as this is not only funny but also intellectually and emotionally engaging, Upon first viewing, it will be …

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Hellion has familiar elements of the “Sundance drama”. It stars a famous actor in a promising director’s debut. We watch that famous actor take on an unfamiliar role. Children act mischievously. A shimmering glow washes over a depressed American town. While Hellion is a little too typical, it does have its positive points …

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Writer/director/star Kestrin Pantera’s directorial debut Let’s Ruin It With Babies wears its LA vibe quite openly. The movie begins with a Kickstarter video, in which a woman states over 70s disco, “Ladies and gentleman welcome to the RVIP Lounge…The RVIP Lounge is a mobile karaoke unit housed inside of a customized RV. It …

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A.J. Edwards, the Texas born writer/director of The Better Angels, spent most of his career editing and working as second-unit director for Terrence Malick on films such as The New World, The Tree of Life, To the Wonder and the forthcoming Knight of Cups. With The Better Angels,Edwards graduates to the director’s chair and the …

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All Cheerleaders Die is the new horror comedy from directors Lucky McKee (The Woman) and Chris Sivertson (I Know Who Killed Me) that is not funny, scary or fun. It unfolds over an eternity (well, a really slow 90 minutes) and fails on almost every level. For the first forty minutes, the film is a bottom of the barrel high school film. All …

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Cold in July opens in East Texas, 1989 as we see Ann Dane (Vinessa Shaw) suddenly wake up late at night, bathed in foggy blue light. She says, “I think I heard something.” Her husband Richard (Michael C. Hall) nervously finds their gun. He walks into the living room with a humorously silly looking mustache/mullet combination, still bathed…