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Reviews sin city: a dame to kill for

When Sin City was released way back in 2005, it marked a return to grown-up filmmaking for its director Robert Rodriguez. After starting his first foray into child entertainment with Spy Kids, he…

Reviews Machete-Kills

Exploitation films are good for the hyperbole. They’re simple fare and you know what you’re getting into when you buy your movie ticket. You’re made comfortable watching something that might be disturbing otherwise because it’s meant to be satirical and explicitly made to shock. Writer-director Robert Rodriguez plays with this genre and mixes it up with the silliness of Airplane! and Austin Powers using the character of Machete, played by Danny Trejo. Made of the same graphic violence fodder as the original, the film is replete with cheap laughs, sex, blood, guns, and babes.

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Robert Rodriguez is a filmmaker who loves everything cinema has to offer. With his latest film Rodriguez pays homage to various genres that inspired him along the way. The first Machete film suffered because it was handcuffed to a fake trailer created for the Rodriguez/Tarantino Grindhouse double feature, Planet Terror/Deathproof. The film also suffered due to the painful presence of Jessica Alba. Machete Kills starts off with a clean slate and a brief role for Jessica Alba.

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The U.S. government recruits Machete to battle his way through Mexico in order to take down an arms dealer who looks to launch a weapon into space. Stars Danny Trejo, Michelle Rodriguez, Sofia Vergara, Amber Heard, Lady Gaga, Antonio Banderas and Charlie Sheen. Directed by Robert Rodriguez.