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I never knew how movies could make your imagination soar until I saw "Star Wars," I never realized how inspiring they could be until I saw "Rocky," and I never truly appreciated film until I saw "Goodfellas." Film has been a central part of my life as long as I can remember and it continues to mold who I am. My " movies to watch" list is miles longer than my "movies I have watched" list. My only regret is not having enough time to watch them all.

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Director Chris Bell possesses such a remarkably confident and engagingly distinctive a voice that after viewing his latest film, Prescription Thugs, I was excited to seek out his other two directorial outings. His previous film, Trophy Kids, looked at parents who obsessively want their children to succeed in sports. In 2008, Bell kicked off his feature-length documentary career with Bigger Stronger Faster*, an examination of steroid use by athletes. Though I haven’t seen the latter two films, Prescription Thugs possesses a skilled, almost effortless blend of personal connection and detached, objective examination of the material at hand that it feels like a breath of fresh air amongst a slew of the more generic “talking heads” style of documentary filmmaking.

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In the ever-increasing list of iconic television portrayals that were not rewarded with an Emmy, Hugh Laurie’s performance as Dr. Gregory House may be on the top of my list. Laurie’s performance is incredible when taken on its own, but those familiar with his work in things like Jeeves and Wooster, Stuart Little, 101 Dalmatians and a wide array of British television shows will appreciate just how much of a departure David Shore’s show was from his usual high-pitched, bumbling characters.

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Perhaps more than any other holiday, Christmas is the most memory-dependent and nostalgic-driven of all the holidays. Though we celebrate the latest present-addled holiday in the present, we often find ourselves drawing from the previous emotions of Christmases past. For some, it’s a wonderful feeling, others depressing. Everyone’s ghosts from the past are different.

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An incredible, varied batch of trailers dropped this week, and unless you’ve spent your week glued to your laptop it’s likely you missed one or two of them. Lucky for you, we’ve gathered the best of the bunch here for your home viewing pleasure. Today’s roundup includes four sequels, a new movie from a comedic giant and a visionary’s new tale.

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If one were to glance quickly at the recent choices in projects by Bill Murray, from Broken Flowers to Hyde Park on Hudson and St. Vincent, one could make a broadly understandable but deeply uninformed assumption that Bill Murray is desperately in…

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The second major Hollywood movie in as many weeks and third in the last month to be based loosely off a documentary, Our Brand Is Crisis doesn’t offer much in the scathing satire department, but more than makes up for it by serving up an enjoyable cocktail of crowd-pleasing comedy and involving character drama. Screenwriter …

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From exquisitely crafted period pieces like Atonement to modern fairy tales like Hannah, Joe Wright continues to make interesting choices in projects as a director. His previous film, 2012’s Anna Karenina showcased once again his dexterity in overcoming a familiar topic with an astounding visual aesthetic and captivating characters. Pan, his latest …

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