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Staff Television Critic: Lisa Fernandes, formerly of, has been watching television for all of her thirty-plus years, and critiquing it for the past seven. When she's not writing, she can be found in the wilds of the Northeastern United States.

Television About_Last_Knight

In “Giants vs Dwarves”: Richard’s trading the jewel for Valencia for a “dragon” (really a bearded dragon - OR IS IT?!) he instantly names Tad Cooper proves to be the final straw for Galavant, who blows up at him. When they separate due to the argument Richard is instantly captured by…

Television Galavant New

It’s the miracle that nobody expected to happen – and they say it right in the opening number. Back for a second season, the story finally continues for Galavant and his friends!

Still at full sail with the pirates, Gal and Richard are eventually run aground due to Richard’s poor navigation skills, and they soon find themselves wandering through an enchanted forest that’s vaguely adjacent to Richard’s kingdom.

Television Ash Bound

Overcompensating (n) - Excessive compensation, especially the exertion of effort beyond what is needed to compensate for a physical or psychological characteristic or defect.

After (too quickly) dispatching Evil Ash, the real Ash and company have to tend with a lot of surprise baggage, such as the re-appearance of the hikers Kelly and Pablo bumped into in the woods and the fact that Ruby’s finally tracked the team down.

Television Ash Ashes

Fridging (adj) – Short for the descriptive term “women in refrigerators”; a colloquial term for a female character who exists and whose death is only a motivator for a male character.

Has there ever been such a clear example of a fridging than the existence of poor, beleaguered Amanda Fisher?

Television AHS Revenge

All of the pieces start to tumble into place as we head toward Hotel’s home stretch. Alex must come clean with John, who has just committed his first fully awakened murder spree as the Ten Commandments Killer (and has only one more murder “thou shalt not kill” to complete before the whole project is done), about her virused up state and the fact that their son’s still alive.

Television SImpsons

“Marge Be Not Proud” is widely considered by fans to be the last (and in some cases, only) classic Christmas episode from the show’s run. “Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire” will be always held up as a standard bearer, but its roughness has just as many detractors; “Miracle on Evergreen Terrace” and “Grift of the Magi” were signs of bad things to come.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine B99 kayak

It’s Christmas Eve at the 99, and Jake is stuck without a present for Amy. He recruits Gina – and then eventually Charles - to help him find a last-minute gift at a department store, only to find himself part of a robbery and hostage crisis. Living out his favorite film, Die Hard, in the flesh ends up leaving a lot to be desired when he and then Gina end up becoming the case and thus part of the crisis, leaving Charles to rescue them.

Television Ash Fire

With Fisher now part of the team, Ash and the kids take a trip into the deep woods, and Lem’s militia compound. There, they discover that his group has just endured an attack from him, and they’re keeping him locked up in the catacombs of their compound for safety’s sake.

Modern Family MF Holiday

Gloria’s plan for a perfect family getaway on a snowy mountainside to celebrate her first Christmas as a legal American citizen is repeatedly complicated by the weather (which is dry, warm, and snow-free), and an unexpected guest, a strange woman who apparently spent every single Christmas with her family, who promptly abandoned her and went off to vacation on Hawaii.

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