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Film Festival a space program

Count this as my favorite discovery at SXSW. A Space Program will polarize audiences. In fact, many people walked out during the World Premiere screening. The mockumentary/performance piece is sci-fi by way of Wes Anderson. Writers and directors Van Neistat and Tom Sachs constructed the basics required for space travel: space shuttle, space suits…

Film Festival Twinsters (dir. Samantha Futerman, Ryan Miyamoto, 2015)

With endless time dedicated to the dangers of the internet, it’s refreshing to find a film that celebrates the good that the internet can bring. Twinsters documents the story of two Korean twins who separated at birth and handled by different adoption agencies. One went to France, the other to California. Neither of them knew the other existed, but they would…

Film Festival The Frontier (dir. Oren Shai, 2015)

Blending 70s and classic noir to create a movie for the ages, Oren Shai’s feature debut follows a woman on the run who finds herself in an even more precarious position after arriving at an isolated diner. A wickedly entertaining ode to 1970s cinema that features a dynamite cast and searing suspense, The…

Film Festival Peace Officer (dir. Brad Barber, Scott Christopherson, 2015)

Arriving at a time when police violence is very much in the social conversation, Peace Officer is most certainly a film that very adeptly examines its subject matters. The film chronicles the story of Dub Lawrence, a retired sherrif who established his state’s first SWAT team and would see his son killed by…

Film Festival The Grief of Others (dir. Patrick Wang, 2015)

Based on a novel by Leah Hager Cohen, Patrick Wang’s second feature film is basically Rabbit Hole with an ill-advised dash of American Beauty/Little Children. The story about a family trying to get back on its feet after losing a baby is simple enough but so incredibly ripe with potential, and Wang throws some…

Film Festival Love & Mercy (dir. Bill Pohlad, 2014)

It’s incredibly refreshing to see Paul Dano be given a role where not only is he the lead but he isn’t the quirky weird guy who gets the crap beaten out of him all the time. I love There Will Be Blood, but one of its negative albiet unintended effects was that Dano was type cast as that sort of character far too often…

Film Festival Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck (dir. Brett Morgen, 2015)

It’s been 21 years since the day we lost Kurt Cobain. It speaks volumes that all these years later his fans still miss him and still want to know more about him. Thanks to the work of Brett Morgan (Director) and his team, Cobain fans will gain access to unheard/unseen footage of Cobain in his youth and during his days spent in the spotlight. Fans are treated to recordings of Cobain playing his guitar as a teenager and…

Film Festival Screen Shot 2015-04-09 at 10.17.22 AM

Gauging the strength of a film involves many factors that depend greatly on the type of film you’re watching. Does it entertain? Is it thought provoking? Does it engage you? Do you have a difficult time suspending disbelief? Is it timeless? The list goes on, and for sci-fi films, cinema lovers tend to be tougher on these films. Other ideas that factor in the enjoyment of a sci-fi film: Is it Original? Is it scientifically accurate? (Queue the 100 things wrong with …..

Film Festival Ex Machina (dir. Alex Garland, 2015)

Alex Garland’s directorial debut doesn’t feel at all as though it is set many years into the future. Instead, its story about a fully functioning A.I. being feels like it could take place right now. Ex Machina basically boils down to Oscar Isaac and Domhall Gleeson butting heads for 100 minutes, but it is one of the most…

Film Festival Moonwalkers (dir. Antoine Bardou-Jacquet, 2015)

Every sane person knows that the Apollo 13 moon landing was faked with the assistance of Stanley Kubrick. Heck, he practically confessed it in The Shining. Validity of such wacky conspiracy theories aside, the scenarios are just begging for a film adaptation. Looking back, it’s surprising how nobody…

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