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The latest from David Cronenberg has been popping up intermittently on the festival circuit. Talk started after its world premiere at Cannes where Julianne Moore…

Reviews trailer-park-boys

I had no idea what in the heck Trailer Park Boys was until I received an email informing me that the third (!) feature length movie was on the verge of a limited theatrical and massive VOD release on the same day that the show’s 8th (!!!) season premiered on Netflix. Though my initial impression led me to believe that this was …

Film Festival wb_1-1

If the term “coming of age” hasn’t been retired, it should be. People grow up, learn, and do things with their lives, but I don’t think anyone ever comes of age. They just get better or worse or linger somewhere in between. Does anybody ever get it together or do people just learn how to navigate the world in way that causes less scars along the way? People all have their…

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From the production team that brought us Monster Brawl (2011) comes a claustrophobic, survival horror film that pulls no punches. A town’s water supply becomes contaminated and must be evacuated. The title of the film is self-explanatory. The film opens with a nasty sequence that will surely have audiences squirming in their seats …

Reviews the_raspberry_reich

As part of the Queer Outlaw exhibit, TIFF Bell Lightbox are giving filmgoer’s a treat with a Bruce LaBruce film retrospective. LaBruce’s films encompass a rebellious element that tests cinematic techniques and distorts its pornographic and experimental foundations. In Raspberry Reich, LaBruce infuses his unique methods with …

Film Festival siddharth-still

In an effort of Indian social realism, Mehta’s Canadian film set in India attempts to illustrate a very real cultural crisis in poverty stricken Delhi villages: child labour and abduction. While the film is sincere and quite clearly meticulously crafted, the story is flawed by one dimensional characters and a lack of agency or urgency in their …

Film Festival i_am_not_a_rock_star_3

Prodigies have the unenviable position of living their entire life under the heavy expectations of the world and their ownselves while always being at the risk of peaking too early and looking back at mere possibilities of what could have been. While career documentaries on prodigies have been done plenty of times before, what sets Bobbi …

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