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Marvel is continuing to takeover the world of film and TV. It seems like everyday there is something to be said about the Marvel Cinematic Universe, or at the very least some new art for Avengers: Age of Ultron. Last year, the company made its first real push into television with Agents…


It’s almost not fair. While I’m not alone in this, it’s not everyday a hardcore film lover can say they’ve been waiting, literally, three years for a movie to see the light of day with a straight face. It’s not every day you can tell a fellow flick-stick or even just a regular movie viewer that the reason for such a long delay IS NOT due to horrible screen tests or “unfinished special effects”.


Everyone huddles into the crowded theatre where we wait shoulder to shoulder for the screen to ignite with a new horror film from the creators of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Anticipation and expectation build upon each other creating a frenzied vortex of vicious impatience like a bunch of children waiting to take a skeptical first bite of their birthday cake. Will the film satisfy? Will it respect or look down upon the films from which it spawned? Is this just going to be another slap in the face of horror? With these worries in mind, the opening credits begin and don’t fret, this story has a happy ending.