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With a title that alludes to the spelling of a certain profane expletive, See You Next Tuesday is the modern Juno of reality. Laced with uncomfortable scenes and unpleasant storylines, Drew Tobia’s scriptural and directorial offering doesn’t shy away from the ugly truth of teen pregnancy without the veil of middle class privilege to encase it. Despite being in the ‘laugh’ category of this year’s London Film Festival, the film is for the most part devoid of any remotely amusing moments, opting instead for a somewhat depressing and detailed study of the damage of dysfunctional relationships and the utter depravity faced by the main characters of the film. Suffering from severe genre confusion, See You Next Tuesday is difficult if impossible to laugh at and makes for a slightly unfulfilling and unpleasant cinematic experience that has little entertainment value or clear direction.

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In my quest for greater knowledge about the film I had just watched, I typed “See You Next Tuesday” into Google and, boy, was I enlightened. The phrase is a “backdoor acronym”, standing for C (see) U (You) and, well, you can figure out the rest. Apparently I was absent on the day when the older kids explained this phrase to us at recess (though thankfully I was all ears when the hilarity that is “icup” was demonstrated to/on a hapless classmate), but finding out in this context seems appropriate. Indeed, the title of this nasty little film literally spells out (well, acronyms out) its sensibilities: up front all indie pretension - it sounds like a Sundance romcom where the Manic Pixie Dream Girl insists on only meeting her love interest on the third day of the week - but underneath juvenile and unpleasant.