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Embarking on a new relationship is a terrifying prospect each and every time. It represents a collision of idiosyncrasies and insecurities that can either self-annihilate or turn into a beautifully cohesive unit of flaws strengthened through mutual pain and tireless attempts to communicate amidst the minefield of invisible scars that mar our souls and influence the outcomes of our lives in mysterious and unforeseen ways. Upstream Color, amidst its enigmatic imagery, is the story of one such collision as both woman and man strive to overcome their innermost demons and internal damages accrued through the hazy transgressions of yesterday.

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Upstream Color is a kaleidoscopic cocktail of sound and vision. It’s a film that demands to be seen, not read about. So why am I writing this, and why are you reading it? I write to mobilize you out of your seat and into the theater, of course. But I also write for the sheer challenge of capturing the hallucinatory qualities of such a slippery picture. This is a dizzying experience, aesthetically and emotionally, with few points of reference to ground your viewing. It leaves you lightheaded and with a heavy heart. For 96 unrelenting minutes, Upstream Color has you mystified yet feeling like nirvana lies somewhere just over the horizon.