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A little remembered ‘80s TV series staring a barely remembered actor would seem like a relatively poor candidate for a big-screen revival, but that didn’t stop the producers behind Denzel Washington’s latest movie-star effort, The Equalizer. With his Training Day director, Antoine Fuqua (Olympus Has Fallen, Brooklyn’s …

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The very existence of Good People is confusing. Its cast list is littered with a slew of demographic pleasing names. Kate Hudson for the romantic comedy…

Fantastic Fest 2014 thetribe_1-1

The foundation of The Tribe will intimidate and shock audiences. The film is shot with an all-deaf cast with no acting experience and there are no subtitles to tell you what they’re saying. Accept the premise and the content as a challenge to enhance your love of cinema. It would be reckless to dismiss this as a gimmick. The Tribe works because of the skillful direction of Miroslav…

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The gangster film is one of the most lasting and widely adapted of American exports. Every country has their own take on the story of course, either remixing elements from the standard stories, or adding cultural specificity to make something unique. Every country has its own gangsters, after all, and the particular ways …

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“No matter how long the procession,” Oscar Ramirez (Jake Macapagal) tells us, “It always ends at the church door.” His narration provides a gentle, noirish open to writer-director Sean Ellis’ Metro Manila, a film that easily floats in and out of genres without self-consciousness. A struggling farmer in the Banaue Province of …

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In Dan Gilroy’s marvelous directorial debut, the gritty, neo-noir Nightcrawler; a gaunt and greasy looking Jake Gyllenhaal gives his most captivating performance to date. Playing the mysterious psychopath Lou Bloom; a petty thief who stumbles upon the underworld of crime journalism, subsequently discovering his …

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Academy Award-winning actor Jean Dujardin (The Artist, The Wolf of Wall Street) stars in this high-octane crime epic chronicling a violent six-year campaign to bring down the kingpin…

Abu Dhabi Film Festival 2013 lifeofcrime

When, halfway through the opening night screening of Life of Crime at the Abu Dhabi Film Festival, a good portion of the audience led by Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan himself walked out in reaction to a bare-breasted sex scene, they might just as easily have departed in protest of the film itself. Daniel Schechter’s adaptation of the late Elmore Leonard’s …

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