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Michelangelo Antonioni’s cinema is not only the cinema of class-afforded ennui, of works that see languor as a byproduct of privilege, an offshoot of life stripped of its most innate anxieties, but also the cinema of time, of its erosive effects on memory and other such mental constructs, which, gossamer in nature ….

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At one point in Diao Yinan’s third feature film, the camera presents the point of view of a car that is reaching the end of a tunnel. The year is 1999. A thick snow covers the road. To the right of the lane are a parked motorcycle and a man slumped on a block of cement. The camera with the car’s point of view passes him by.

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An uneasy weave of drama and thriller, Before I Go To Sleep follows a very Memento-esque journey of one amnesiac’s attempts to piece together information about their traumatic past. The hook here is that the amnesiac is a housewife and, similar to Memento, the new memories she makes in her sleuthing don’t last very …

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So says George Orwell in his 1946 essay “Decline of the English Murder”, a text invoked by IndieCork programmer Mick Hannigan as he introduced Christopher Presswell’s Candlestick, a film very much intent on constituting a resurrection. Not so much…

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Sometimes life hits you with a bunch of complicated shit when all you really want to do is spin a Neil Young record and roll another number. Inherent Vice is a film about that feeling. It’s about other things, too: capitalism, counterculture, California. It’s also about how much Paul Thomas Anderson, the film’s director …

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The sophisticated script of Gosford Park (2001) involves more than two dozen characters, each given the respect and screen-time deserving of a lead. Altman presents the viewer with a myriad of expressions, interactions, and gesticulations, many of which increase in significance retroactively. One disregards the initial …

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