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icon print series

Editor’s Note: Freeze Frame features a selection of pop culture focused art, because there are new and classy ways to show off your cinematic love.

Any true lover of film has had his fair share of movie posters plastered across his wall. College dorms are littered with a multitude from the Tarantino catalog (usually Pulp Fiction or Reservoir Dogs), as well as plenty of cult films, and even more mainstream hits. There wasn’t an episode of MTV Cribs that didn’t have at least one rapper proudly showcasing his Scarface one sheet. Nevertheless, sometimes you get the desire to have something different, something unlike anything on your friends’ walls.San Dimas High School Football Rules!/Winter is Coming

Back in the latter half of June, Los Angeles-based Gallery 1988 hosted a solo show from graphic design and illustration studio DKNG. The show was called ICON. Taking on television and film alike, ICON looked at the material for that one thing that truly defined and encapsulated the source. The show was made up of 50 pieces, touching upon props, places, and vehicles that make for a fun game of “where is that from.” While it’s a bit too late to go and see these works in the flesh, if you’re lucky you might just be able to pick up a print for yourself. Each piece measures 12” x 12”, are limited to editions of 100, come signed and numbered by DKNG, and will keep your wallet happy at only $25 a pop.Somewhere Over the Rainbow/Less Than Twelve Parsecs

DKNG was founded by Dan Kuhlken and Nathan Goldman in 2005. The studio caters specifically to the entertainment industry. Their start came with concert posters, developing a set of three posters for The Troubadour in West Hollywood. From there, they continued to do plenty of work for the music industry, working directly with bands, venues, promoters, and a range of independent and corporate clients. DKNG’s work also includes websites, ad campaigns, and logos, working with giants like HBO, Paramount, and the always hip Mondo. Head to DKNG for more, and the chance to own one of the ICON Series.


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