Monsters: Dark Continent Full Trailer


monsters: dark continent

Monsters: Dark Continent (2014)

It was all the way back in 2010 when a pre-Godzilla Gareth Edwards brought us his vision of a world being overtaken by giant creatures in Monsters. The film was a bit of a feat of special effects, using the technology for even changing the signage used throughout, and of course for the eventual reveal of the eponymous monster. Unfortunately, Edwards hasn’t stuck around for the sequel (he deals with much more famous monsters now), with first-time feature director Tom Green taking over. Not much is known regarding the plot of the sequel. What we do know is that it is set ten years after its predecessor and the world has become overrun with “Infected Zones.” The US military in an attempt to deal with the growing problem has stepped up efforts, with new recruits itching to get their shot at the creatures. Monsters: Dark Continent stars Joe Dempsie, Sofia Boutella, and Johnny Harris, and is set for a November 28th release in the UK.


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