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the boy next door

The Boy Next Door (2015)

The fall film festival season is firmly upon us, which means that Oscar season has officially begun in earnest. Your local theater will be flooded with award hopefuls as studios try to stack the deck as high as possible, marketing and politicizing to their heart’s desire. While assuredly there will be plenty to choose from, let’s not forget that right after this downpour of quality filmmaking comes the graveyard this January, the time of the year when studios offload the junk that ends up being your second or third choice when buying a ticket. Enter Rob Cohen’s latest thriller The Boy Next Door. The official (and short) plot description follows:

Jennifer Lopez leads the cast in The Boy Next Door, a psychological thriller that explores a forbidden attraction that goes much too far.

Pretty well worn territory here. The film also stars Ryan Guzman, John Corbett and Kristin Chenoweth, and will open in theaters on January 23rd.


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