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SOA Lambs

Sons of Anarchy, Season 7, Episode 4, “Poor Little Lambs”

9/30/14, 10 pm (EST), FX

As we creep up to the mid-season point of the finale of Sons of Anarchy, we knew it wouldn’t be long before SAMCRO got the payback that was coming to them. One also has to wonder that if their world is starting to collapse this fast, how much longer will it be until the body count is immeasurable.

Gemma’s state of mind has to be brought into question at some point. Her “conversation” with Tara about Abel & Thomas’ schooling was somewhat endearing, as she decides that maybe perhaps daycare and after-school activities aren’t bad for her grandsons after all. It’s interesting to note that she thinks Thomas will grow up to be a doctor like his mother, but Abel is more like Jax and Gemma can “see it in his eyes.” Kids can always manage to be creepy, but could Gemma’s words be a foreshadowing of things to come?

Speaking of unraveling minds, Juice also was talking to an imaginary friend at the hotel when Unser, Gemma and Wendy show up. Is this supposed to be Clay, since Juice was so close with him towards the end? Perhaps he’s talking to Chibs again, trying to think of ways he can convince him and Jax to get back in the MC, or at the very least be allowed to live.

After receiving a tip from Venus (long time, no see), Jax finds the minister’s wife and step-son. After rescuing them from their submerged car, he convinces them to sign over the land to Marks otherwise he’ll just kill them and take the land anyway. I should rephrase that last statement: Jax didn’t intentionally save the wife and step-son, he only got to them to get the information he needed. Jax has gone too far down the rabbit hole to convince us that he’s even a shred of the man he once was.

Now that Nero knows Juice is still around, will he get the Mayans involved to try and find him? Nero getting back at Juice would be more poetic and give him closure than Jax dealing with it. Of course, now Gemma is curious as to why Jax wanted Nero to know. This can only lead to more problems for the three of them.

“Poor Little Lambs” is an apt title for this episode, as Jax seems to have led many people to the slaughter, including Collette, whom he had a fling with the previous season before Tara discovered them in bed together. Aside from the carnage at Diosa, SAMCRO now has to deal with one dead sheriff and another critically wounded that were following them when they went to the drug deal with the white supremacists. If she wakes up, things will certainly get more interesting for SAMCRO. This, of course, assumes that Unser doesn’t play dirty although Wayne has never taken kindly to cop killers, regardless if SAMCRO was involved or not.

Getting back to Juice, the APB was finally put out on him. Gemma offers to personally take him to her father’s cabin so he can wait it out until things settle down. Before she leaves to get him, she packs a gun with a silencer. Juice does the same as he waits for Gemma. Are we heading for a shoot-out between the two? I can’t imagine Gemma out-gunning Juice, but Juice taking out Gemma this early makes no sense either.

Tig and Venus are finally a thing. While no one really seems surprised by this, it’s almost rather sweet. For as much crap as Tig has gone through, personally and for SAMCRO, it’s nice to see him feel truly content with someone who won’t try to stab him in the back.

Someone has tipped Lin and the Triads off to who was responsible for killing Lin’s guys and taking their heroin. Jury seems like the obvious choice, which could lead to an interesting internal struggle between the various Sons charters. The question is will Jax bother to look down that path, or is he just going to hit Lin harder than before.

The Roundup

  • How many surrounding county morgues is Charming going to need?
  • I guess that was a pretty crappy hand grenade. It blew out the store windows, but magically Jax, Jarry and company didn’t receive a scratch despite being within 10 feet of the explosion.
  • In what sane world would a police officer let a known felon give them a ride in their squad car.
  • So the teacher in the beginning was Courtney Love. Seems like a pointless cameo, like Marilyn Manson’s character.

The best episode to-date is starting to show the potential for what the final season has in store for viewers. Stay tuned for more bloodshed though.

  • GREAT 8.3

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