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If you are a workaholic, or you just stay at home and doing nothing, here is your chance to change your style of living. This year, Singapore is preparing fantastic events and you must be present at least on one. While some people enjoy watching F1, or be a part of the crowd on the Championship Cup, others enjoy dancing among the crowd at the concerts.

This year, Singapore will provide you another unforgettable experience. You will have the chance to be present on the concert of one of the greatest singers of this century, Robbie Williams. Be open – minded and once in your life leave the problems at home and go to a concert where good music will make a good vibe. The experience comes with the ages, so don’t miss the concert of this incredible pop star that is in his forties. Although, his songs are worldwide popular. Every generation is listening to his songs and we can say that most of them have become big hits. Stop waiting and buy your ticket for this tremendous event, happening this year on the 4thof October in Singapore Indoor Stadium.This year, Robbie is coming to Singapore well prepared. He will sing the hits of his newest album, released in 2014, “Under the Radar Volume 1”.

Also, we cannot forget his hits from previous years. All the generations were listening his songs that become very popular, such as: “Feel”, “Come Undone” and “Angels”. If you are one of his biggest fans, then you must be on his concert. It isn’t too late to buy the tickets, so don’t wait and ensure your seat on time! Robbie Williams is definitely going to make you feel those pins and needles all over your body. Don’t miss the opportunity to hear him singing in the Indoor Stadium in Singapore. Make sure you buy your ticket, and you will not regret!

Robbie started his toursin the beginning of 1997. Also, he has done over ten worldwide tours and has won over one hundred awards so far. He is a star! People know that, so you must ensure your ticket before it’s too late! Every day more and more tickets are sold, so don’t waste your time! Recently, Robbie Williams sold 18.9 million of his albums and 5.4 million singles in the United Kingdom, only as a solo artist. He was on the UK Airplay chart 2000 – 2010, so you must have heard one of his hits, no doubt. Are you going to be satisfied, if you watch the concert on TV? That way you will never feel the atmosphere and the heat between the crowd in Singapore. Don’t think twice, buy your ticket and listen to the greatest hits of all time, live!

And for those who are not big fans of him and his music, but still want to listen to him, we will tell something more about his life and how he started his career.

Robbie Williams (beginnings)

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Born on 13 February 1974, Robert Peter Williams is a famous singer, actor,record producer and songwriter. His career started when he joined the group Take Thatin 1990, until 1995 when he officially left because of the several disagreements with the management and the group members.

Fifteen years later, he joined in the group again, but that wasn’t too long. After all, he knew that it will be better to be a solo artist. People love his songs. His albums were quickly sold in more than 77 million samples and his hits are popular worldwide. This makes him one of the best – selling artists of all time! Robbie is the best-selling British solo artist in the United Kingdom. Also he is very popular in Latin America and that’s why he is the best selling non-Latino artist there.

Back in the 2006, 1.6 million tickets were sold of his Close Encounters Tour in one day. With that, he entered in the Guinness Book of World Records. His “award history” is pretty much wealthy. He has seventeen BRIT Awards, eight ECHO Awards and two Grammy Awards nominations. After being voted the “Greatest Artist of the 1990s”, he was inducted into the UK Music Hall of Fame, in 2004. Today, his net worth is $130 million.


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