The Top Movies Filmed in Las Vegas You Should Watch Today


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Do you love Las Vegas but find that you can’t visit the city as often as you would like? Watching one of the top movies filmed in Vegas lets you recreate the fun and excitement of the city in the comfort of your own home.

Mars Attacks!

What happens when a group of aliens attempt to take over the world with only Michael J. Fox and a few others on hand to stop the invasion? You get the hilarious sci-fi spoof Mars Attacks! Released in 1996, the film got poor reviews but became a cult classic in later years. Featuring stars like Jack Nicholson, Sarah Jessica Parker, Glenn Close and Martin Short, the film will have you laughing from beginning to end. Keep your eyes peeled for scenes shot in and around The Landmark Hotel and Casino and the Las Vegas Strip.

Vegas Vacation

Chevy Chase made a name for himself as one of the stars of Saturday Night Live and for a string of box office hits, including the National Lampoon’s Vacation films. Vegas Vacation was the fourth film in that franchise and saw the Griswold family taking a trip to Las Vegas after Clark, played by Chase, gets a bonus at work. Many of the scenes in the movie take place in two of the city’s top casinos: the MGM Grand Las Vegas and The Mirage. Seeing the characters race through the casinos, meet celebrity impersonators and bet on the floor will take you back to Vegas in your mind.

The Hangover

The Hangover became the highest grossing R rated film of all time and made stars out of its top billed actors, including a then up and coming Bradley Cooper. The film tells the story of three men tasked with finding the groom after his bachelor party goes awry the night before. Both Caesars Palace and the Riviera Hotel and Casino featured heavily in the movie. Even if you aren’t a fan of the sometimes raunchy humor, you’ll love seeing the city through the eyes of these characters.

Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2

Kevin James made millions in the role of Paul Blart, a mall security cop who uncovers and stops a terrorist threat in his mall. James returned for the sequel Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2, which moves the action to Las Vegas. Blart must stop another major crime at the Wynn Las Vegas while visiting the city to attend a convention for mall security guards. Not only can you see parts of the Wynn Las Vegas that you never saw before, but you can even catch hotel owner Stephen Wynn in a small cameo role.

Ocean’s 11

Frank Sinatra starred in the original Ocean’s 11 film as Danny Ocean, a thief and veteran who recruits a team to help him steal from a major casino. George Clooney starred as Ocean in a remake of the original film and later appeared in two sequels as the same character. All four films shot in various parts of Las Vegas, including the Riviera Hotel and Casino, Flamingo Las Vegas, Desert Inn, the Bellagio and Mandaly Bay. When you pop one of these films into your DVD player, you can enjoy the sights and sounds of Las Vegas without leaving your home.


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