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Last Man Bull

November 22nd, 9:30pm, FOX

In the early episodes of The Last Man On Earth, the revelation that others were alive was exhilarating for our characters. After having to survive on their own, the very sight of another living, breathing human was a gift. But after months under the same roof – having to put up with and get used to each other’s tics – other people don’t seem as appealing lately. In “No Bull” though, the group in Malibu starts to embrace a new dynamic – that of a family. And much like any family, even though they bicker and fight (as Melissa points out, the stocks are being used on a weekly basis now), there’s still a bond underneath it.

Though Phil and Carol tried to detach themselves from the group at the end of last season, they ended up returning home after about six months. The other Phil similarly plans to go out on his own rather than make amends with those he has slighted in Malibu. But, in the end, he similarly returns – preferring a cold shoulder from the group to actually being on his own.

Indeed, the other Phil ends up saving the day by finding a bull that had mated with the group’s cow – which they only realize existed when that cow gives birth in this episode. The discovery of the bull means that there is the potential for more dairy and greater food security for the group. The other Phil even offers to return to the stocks to make up for his misdeeds.

Gail and Todd also want to avoid the “big bunch of nothing” that is life without a partner, as described by Gail. Melissa has been distant with Todd ever since it was discovered that he was hoarding bacon, while Gail is still grieving for Gordon and making out with a dummy that resembles him in his spare time. After Todd and Melissa break up, Todd finds comfort in Gail with a kiss.

After the other Phil’s temporary departure, our Phil takes it upon himself to remind the group in Malibu about the early days after the virus took out most of humanity – the loneliness, sadness and pointlessness. As he points out, he remembers it all very well – since he was recently reminded how bleak life can be on his own. But Phil’s plan to try to get the group to accept their faults backfires as his speech provokes the others to vent about perceived wrongdoings – from avoiding the dishes to lying about people being dead.

Amid this backdrop, we revisit Phil’s brother Mike – who we last saw in this season’s premiere. He is desperate for any contact as he is stuck alone in a space station, hovering above the Earth. But without any human interaction for years, he loses hope as he floats aimlessly in space.

The stakes get higher as the group gets closer in “No Bull,” and it is a nice change of pace to see the group gather at a meal without sniping at one another by episode’s end.

The Roundup

  • “Why do you keep asking about the cow’s penis?”
  • “Nice try. Friggin worm.”
  • “I’ll never forgot that time he stood up on the table and peed in your wine and you threw it in his eyes.” “Mmm, yeah.”
7.2 GOOD

The stakes get higher as the group gets closer in "No Bull," and it is a nice change of pace to see the group gather at a meal without sniping at one another by episode's end.

  • GOOD 7.2

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